The following excerpt has smooth melodies the imitate one an additional on entrances. 5:37


This instrument, i beg your pardon was an extremely popular during the Renaissance, is called a < >.

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The complying with excerpt has smooth melodies that imitate one one more on entrances. 3:42


Venit advertisement Petrum was regularly used as the cantus firmus for the mass.


The Renaissance might be explained as an er in which:

Individualism, humanism, and secular values began to grow once again.

The Renaissance period saw inventions and advancements that:

Changed the physical and also intellectual see of Europe.

Despite advancements in other areas, Renaissance harmony and also polyphony remained restricted to the music rules the governed most of the middle ages period.


What facet of the musical format of the adhering to piece indicates that it is indigenous the Renaissance period rather 보다 the middle ages period? :27

It attributes imitation the goes v all the voices

The following example was written by a musician who career exemplifies the prominence of composers from northern France and the Netherlands during the Renaissance. 5:37

Josquin Desprez

Which the the following selections is an example of a Renaissance consort? 1:30

Excerpt D

The Renaissance madrigal to be a spiritual music type used to convey the meanings behind the poems on i m sorry they were based


Which that the complying with is not component of the ordinary of the Catholic Mass?


The following composition, featuring 40 voices, was composed by: 12:15

Thomas Tallis

Renaissance artists didn’t really care an extremely much if their works appealed to the general public at large; they were more concerned around the "purity" of your music.


The Renaissance was the golden age of:

Choral ingredient for tiny ensembles

Which of the adhering to was no a popular form during the Renaissance period?


Concentration ~ above vocal music throughout the Renaissance period meant that critical music ongoing to be provided as just accompaniment because that voices.

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The adhering to excerpt is an instance of Renaissance a cappella choral music. 3:13


This is one excerpt from a: :25


Which the the complying with events emerged in America during the time period known as the Renaissance?

Columbus discovered "The new World."

Which of the complying with is a composition because that the vihuela? 1:58

Example B

This example is: :25

From a Renaissance composition having its roots in individual songs

The complying with excerpt is an example of Renaissance a cappella choral music. 7:19


The following instance is played on an instrument the was very popular throughout the Renaissance. The instrument is the: :37


The composer of this selection is: 10:26

Jacob Obrecht

Two important composers native the Renaissance period were:

Desprez and Palestrina

Which time period is generally taken into consideration the Renaissance period?

1450 – 1600

According to the text, the Renaissance duration was known as:

The golden e of Choral Music

One difference between a Renaissance Mass and a motet is:

A fixed is always based on a specific text the is component of the liturgy the a provided day.

During the Renaissance, what was the name composers gave to the initial chant supplied as the basis because that the main melody in a composition?