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"Today My world Slipped Away" is a track co-written and very first recorded by American country music artist Vern Gosdin. Gosdin"s variation was exit in October 1982 as the fifth single and title monitor from his album today My people Slipped Away. Gosdin"s version got to number 10 on the Billboard Hot nation Singles chart. George Strait exit a cover of the tune in September 1997 as the third solitary from his album transferring Your Love through Me. Strait"s version reached number 3 ~ above the Billboard Hot nation Singles & Tracks chart in November 1997. Gosdin wrote the tune with note Wright.more »

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We make it final todayI offered you all i had, friend made your get awayAll the love we as soon as madeTurned to memories today.I left the courtroom and also went directly to the churchI hit my knees and told God just how much i hurtThere"s naught left of mine heartIt"s walk to it is in so difficult to do a brand-new start.

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"Cause today my civilization slipped awayWe hidden the plan that we madeAnd this evening I"m alone and afraidCause this particular day my people slipped away.All my friends to speak I"ll make it alrightI"ll recover and also start a new lifeBut that"ll be so tough to do"Cause livin" ain"t worth livin" there is no you."Cause this particular day my world slipped away

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Vern Gosdin Vern Gosdin (August 5, 1934 – April 28, 2009) to be an American nation music singer. The idolized The Louvin Brothers and also The Blue sky Boys as a young man and also sang in a gospel quartet referred to as The Gosdin Brothers. One inheritor the the soulful honky tonk style of Lefty Frizzell and also Merle Haggard, Gosdin to be nicknamed The Voice by his peers. He had 19 top-ten solo hits on the country music charts from the late 1970s with the beforehand 1990s. 3 of these hits saw number one: "I deserve to Tell by the method You run (You"re Gonna Love Me Tonight)", "Set "Em up Joe" and also "I"m still Crazy". More »

Written by: note WRIGHT, VERN GOSDIN license is granted & noted by LyricFind

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"Today My human being Slipped away"

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