Vietnam and Cambodia space neighboring nations in south-east Asia. They have all the assets make a destination favorable amongst travelers, including friendly people, rich social heritage, and also affordable prices. Cambodia and Vietnam had actually swift rises and dramatic falls in the past, i m sorry shaped your history. Today, both countries are mandatory stops for travelers visiting south-east Asia. Vietnam and also Cambodia tourism offer wonderful outdoor activities, sightseeing, entertainment, and also shopping.

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Where Vietnam and Cambodia are on the map?

Cambodia and Vietnam accounting the southeast corner of Asia, northeast that the Malay Peninsula. Although neighboring each other, your geographical features and climates space widely different.Geography and also climate the Vietnam

Vietnam is an elongated country bordering the south China Sea in the east, the Gulf that Thailand in the southwest, Cambodia and Laos in the west, and also China in the north. Key geographical features of the Socialist Republic the Vietnam room fertile seaside lowlands, like the mountain north, and highlands in the center. Deltas that Red flow in the north and the Mekong flow in the south are other far-reaching geographical attributes of Vietnam.

Vietnam and Cambodia Map

The Vietnamese shore is virtually 3,500km long, while Mekong and Red River are the significant rivers that the nation. The country’s surface is 331,000km2. The largest cities by far are Hanoi, the Vietnamese capital, in the north and Ho Chi Minh in the south. Part other major cities room Da Nang, in central Vietnam, Hai Phong in the northeast, and Bien Hoa, near Ho Chi Minh. The highest possible peak is pan Si Pan, the "roof that Indochina" that is 3,143 meter high, northwest that Hanoi.

Because Vietnam stretches in the direction from north to south, it spans assorted climate zones and also ecosystems. The mountainous phibìc of Vietnam features a warm climate, through cold winters and warm, periodically hot, summers. The rest of the country features tropic climate for the most part, with a couple of temperate zones, such together Dalat, on higher elevations away from the sea. Hanoi, the Vietnamese capital, has temperate or dry weather problems depending ~ above the season. Tropical locations of Vietnam typically feature warmth winters and hot summers, through the numerous precipitation around from late feather to late autumn.

Geography and also climate of Cambodia

Cambodia is a welcoming country of south east Asia. It boundaries Vietnam in the southeast and also east, Laos in the north, Thailand in the north and also northwest, and also the Gulf the Thailand in the southwest. The main name that the country is the Kingdom of Cambodia, who capital and the biggest city by much is Phnom Penh in the south. A couple of other significant cities the Cambodia room Siem Reap and also Battambang in the northwest, and also Sihanoukville by the Gulf that Thailand.

The size of the Cambodian coastline is about 450km. The level of Tonle Sap, the largest lake in south east Asia, depends on the seasonal fluctuations from roughly 160km to roughly 250km. The surface ar of Cambodia is approximately 180,000km2. Roll plains conquer the landscape of Cambodia, if Dangrek, bordering Thailand in the north, and also Cardamon, in the southwest, are the only mountain ranges. Phnum Aoral, the 1,810 meters high optimal in the Cardamon Mountains, is the highest point of Cambodia.

Cambodia enjoys a predictable climate, with dry winters and also rainy summers. Temperatures typically fluctuate in between 20°C/68 °F come 35°C/95 °F throughout the year. Therefore, seasonal rainfall is the most significant parameter affecting the number of tourist visits. The dried season takes location from the second component of loss to mid-spring. The rest of the year, that is the wet season in Cambodia.

Travel maps of Vietnam and also Cambodia

Before you begin planning a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, over there are numerous things you need to know:

Vietnam and also Cambodia travel Map

- In Cambodia, you can travel between points of attention by plane, bus and also car v ease. Just make certain to rental a auto with a driver because of details traffic conditions. Throughout the wet season, you can travel in between Phnom Penh and Siem reap by boat, too. - once visiting Vietnam, sheathe long distances by airplane and leave traveling by train and also bus for short and mid-range distances. Also, note that the heavy rainfall has tendency to expand journeys by soil transportation. - In Cambodia, you have the right to pay through the Cambodian Riels or through the USD. In Vietnam, pay through the Vietnamese Dongs, just mind the number of zeros on the banknotes to protect against overpaying. - girlfriend can acquire the Cambodian visa on arrival. As for Vietnam, apply online for visas for stays up to 30 days and also at the embassy for much longer stays.

Vietnam travel map

For the best chance to avoid hefty downpours during a Vietnam tour, plan to conclude your visit till late might or at an early stage June.

Begin visiting Vietnam in Hanoi by allocation at the very least a couple of days for experimenting the Vietnamese capital. Holy place of Literature, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Old city Quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake, Tran Quoc Pagoda (West Lake), and Vietnam Museum the Ethnology space some unmissable attractions here. Then, take it several-hour trip to the like the mountain Sapa region to excellent impeccable rice fields. Many travelers introduce spending 3 or 4 days in Sapa.

Begin visiting Vietnam in Hanoi

Upon your go back to Hanoi, walk to Halong Bay, abounding through limestone rocks and also islands complete of caves. You deserve to join a guided tour, yet there are indications that self-organized tours offer a far better value because that money. Explore Halong just a few days and return to Hanoi to catch a move to Da Nang.

Explore Halong Bay

Da Nang is close to Hue and also Hoi An, two peak tourist destinations in central Vietnam. If there, acquaint yourself v the society of the Chams, who offered to be the opposition to "Cambodian" Khmers. Native Da Nang, visit a group of five limestone and marble hills recognized as the Marble Mountains, and also the Cham My kid temple. Hue offered to it is in the imperial city of last Vietnam"s emperors, featuring elaborate architecture. Hoi an is the "Venice of Vietnam." take an occasional rest to relax on the beaches. Arrangement at least a week because that a systematic tour the the 3 cities and surrounding attractions.

Da Nang is height tourist destinations in central Vietnam.

Leave Ho Chi Minh and also the Mekong Delta because that the end of her Vietnam itinerary. Shop till you drop in the city and also tour locations related to the Vietnam Revolution. Take it a watercraft tour to the Mekong Delta and discover its waterways, temples, and villages. Because that the last stage of her Vietnam tour, setup at least several days.

Cambodia travel map

Phnom Penh is an excellent place to start your Cambodian itinerary. Visit the royal Palace, featuring cool buildings and a mix the eastern and also western architectural styles. The complicated abounds v manicured gardens, and also the artwork relates come Buddhism and Hinduism. The nearby Silver Pagoda houses a big statue that Buddha do of crystal, many gilded Buddha statues, and also the greatest mural showing the Ramayana epos in southeast Asia. While you room in Phnom Penh, visit the national Museum, which elaborates the Khmer pre-Angkorian, Angkorian, and post-Angkorian periods through a series of artifacts. A couple of days are enough for safety in the funding of Cambodia.

After a tourism of Phnom Penh, gain your bearings come Siem Reap, a gateway come the Angkor archaeological Park. You can purchase a one-day, three-day or seven-day happen for the archaeological park. The more days you allocate for the tour, the far better since over there is a lot to watch - Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Bayon, Ta Prohm, and also more. Prior to your an initial visit come the Angkor historical Park, salary a visit to the Angkor historical Museum, which gives a brief introduction to the park. Before concluding a visit to Siem Reap, tourism Beng Mealea, Banteay Srei, and also Koh Ker, the attractions rather distanced indigenous Siem Reap. Also, setup to spend a job or two exploring Tonle Sap, the biggest lake of south-east Asia.

Phnom Penh Tour

If you favor to snorkel, gamble, and do island (islet) hopping, go to Sihanoukville, a seaside will by the Gulf that Thailand.

Angkor Wat in Siem Reap

To advantage from dried weather, setup a expedition to Cambodia indigenous November to April. The remainder of the year, you will have actually downpours, mostly throughout afternoon hours, lush countryside, and full moats about the Angkor temples.

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For a merged tour the Cambodia and Vietnam, consider getting here in Cambodia first and gaining to Vietnam indigenous there. It isn"t important where girlfriend will begin the trip, in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. Still, because that the lowest opportunity of experiencing unfavorable weather problems in Vietnam, start the journey in Hanoi till April. End the Vietnam tour in Ho Chi Minh no later than early on June.