A Scandinavian rapid Forward… Megan Applegate recaps the second episode of Vikings Season 2….

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Holy time warps! The writers wasted no time in this week’s episode and also splashed a “Four year Later” prior to the opening credits were cold in your graves.

This week’s theme seems to be around temptation — the lusty kind, the politics kind, and the greedy kind.

Four years — walk ahead and marinate on that a moment.

Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and also Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) now have two boy with one more child early out soon.

The town of Kattegat has seemingly grown and repopulated with brand-new faces, including a brand-new serving made that catches Ragnar’s attention (temptation!) and also Aslaug’s jealousy wrath. Watch it maid girl, the woman’s dangerous.

And admit it, women all over were smirking in ~ the jealous woman. It’s hard for few of us no to organize grudges that she’s the factor Lagertha’s not in this week’s episode. We’re tho mad at you, Aslaug…

Aslaug admits come Ragnar the she is a volva, a Nordic seeress, and also just to spite him due to the fact that he flirted through the serving girl, tells him the this unborn kid with have actually “the eyes of a serpent.” everything that means…

Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) arrives and also pushes his means in prior of a fire. That winter and it’s cold and also our man has actually been liven rebuilding Ragnar’s fleet all these years.

Rollo (Clive Standen) has actually been busy trying come drink self to death. Whenever the fails, that passes the end in the cold and tries come freeze self to death much come the embarrassment of Siggy (Jessalyn Gilsig).

And he’s fat, too. Fat, out of shape, and also a weird shade of grey—a far cry indigenous the indomitable warrior he to be last season.

In one touching scene of residential bliss, Siggy holds a warm knife in she hand and also tells the fallen Rollo to make a decision—get it with each other or put himself (and her) the end of his misery and spend “eternity in hell.”

Ragnar waxes poetic in a scene or two about how lot he misses his first-born son, Bjorn. That provides me happy since it must typical we’re going to view him (and Lagertha!) soon. Turns out, the preview for following week’s episode confirms it.

Excitement begins to construct in the town as both King Horik (Donal Logue) and also Jarl Borg (Thorbjornn Harr) arrive and also begin to make prepared to raid the west when the water thaws. In a surprising twist that unsurprising politics, King Horik lets Ragnar understand that he is no much longer interested in letting Borg in top top the raiding fun and also let’s Ragnar understand it’s his project to tell the so.

Rollo come to beg forgiveness and look for a chair on one of the watercrafts that will certainly be heading the end soon. Ragnar forgives his brother, however tells the he is not welcome come raid. You can see Rollo’s love break in the scene and despite the fact that he’d usually gored One Eye in the last episode, you feel for him.

Borg does his finest to usage his silver tongue to rile Rollo into joining him on some sort of revenge against Ragnar and Horik (temptation!) yet the straight ideal Rollo delivers come the Jarl’s sleep was prize enough. Rollo’s remaining with his family and Borg have the right to row himself home.

The village is in full training mode and we view that our favorite reformed monk, Athelstan (George Blagden) fancies himself a raider now. Ragnar bring him down a notch or two, obviously, but still. That shaking-in-his-leather-boots boy that arrived last season is farming into a grizzled Viking. Ragnar mentions the watercrafts heading west and also that Athelstan will be going, too. We couldn’t aid but view the glint in his eye as soon as he discussed his homeland. Might he be considering one escape when he access time Northumbrian shores? (Temptation!)

Before the raiders leave, us watch Siggy talking around how much she to know (the an excellent and the bad) about Ragnar. The camera shooting widens and also we watch she’s talk to King Horik. She uses to let that in on all sorts of details (temptation!) and also a later scene mirrors that through information, Siggy really expected she was going to display Horik all of her hidden, crazy tattoos in naked, deceitful abandon.

What is that woman increase to? Is she setting Rollo up to be cook again? Or is she spring to it is in queen? One can never tell with Siggy…she’s lost so much in the brief span that a season that it would certainly be foolish to count her out. Or to trust her.

The boats leave and Rollo stands on a cliff, basically chucking sentimental rocks at them together they go. He’s continuing to be behind and it looks like he’s one sad Viking.

Hoist the Sails

The Vikings fight the open sea v their shining red flags and also their dragon-faced longships. That not an easy trip through near-cliff misses, stormy seas, and the fact that they shed a number of their watercrafts somehow. They finally make landfall and it’s not long prior to the local military is everywhere them with flying arrows and also rushing men.

It’s a bit of struggle, yet the raiders finally submit the soldiers and glean the details they’re feather for. They’ve landed in Wessex, a far cry from the Northumbria they were aiming for.

Wessex is residence to King Ecbert, a guy Athelstan defines to Ragnar as being “just prefer you.” for the record, that could mean anything—bad v relationships, a tiny twitchy, or maybe just ruthless and bloodthirsty.

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We’ll find out following week.

Megan Applegate

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