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You listen it across the country, in mountain Fransisco, Austin, and brand-new York. There’s a business that isn’t yes, really a business. They occupational like they’re making up for shed time. And also they’re not simply profiting. No, they’re yes, really doing something, something authentic, miscellaneous different.

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Nowadays girlfriend hear that here, too. There’s a service that’s putting Cincinnati top top the line—the blue collar spirit, the storytelling impulse, the journey to restoration. They’ve got attitude. They’ve acquired hustle. And they’re not just profiting. No, they’re was standing up because that the city’s arts, for its communities, and also for its long-buried past.

DAAP grads Jason Snell and Brandon Hickle very own that really business in Over-the-Rhine. It’s dubbed We Have come to be Vikings and also it"s vitality Cincinnati"s an imaginative scene in the best method possible.

WE HAVE end up being VIKINGS?

The surname is a little bit different, obviously. Snell choose it in 2008 once he discovered the ax ‘branding’ originates from the Viking exercise of, well, branding family members crests right into sword hilts and ship lumber. Therefore the name—We Have come to be Vikings—which traces a succinct ancestry of the contemporary world.

Today, the course, everything approximately us is branded, indigenous the pencil on your desk to the an equipment you’re making use of to review this. Branding isn’t simply illustrations anymore, either. It’s every method of interaction and it’s growing more important as it grows much more ubiquitous.

That"s why Snell and Hickle made decision to work-related together. They linked companies in 2015, combining WHBV through Southpaw Prints. Currently Snell’s architecture acumen and also Hickle’s print prowess reside under the very same roof, for this reason they"re may be to sell all-in-one branding services alongside practice silkscreen print on shirts, posters, bags, and packaged goods.

They have actually a retail space, too. It’s favor a punk version of Cincy Shirts, through Cincinnati-themed designs ranging from the nostalgic come the macabre. Definitely worth visiting, and also not just due to the fact that you can happen ~ above live music courtesy that WHBV’s incipient music label.

Yes, girlfriend can include music cultivation to printing and also branding in the feeling of what WHBV’s does when I say they’re yes, really doing something.

You can add hometown cheerleader, too, as Cincinnati occupies a special location in the mind of these 2 creatives. And also they’re not shy around it. Psychic the Charley Harper showcase at Lumenocity several years ago? the was WHBV. Snell painstakingly repurposed Harper’s initial works right into whimsical animations. The an outcome was so perfectly executed, the will most likely be remembered together the original works themselves.

Then there’s the Ezzard Charles and also Cincinnati strong Man murals Snell designed because that Artworks...

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...and the design WHBV creates because that bands and also concert venues to keep regional acts going

...and the job-related WHBV is doing for the Over-the-Rhine unavoidable District/Brewing heritage Tour

...and the job-related it did because that the headquarters that The Brandery

...and, no to mention, the WHBV locale itself, a radiant homage to culture in the city’s many culturally far-ranging neighborhood.

But why? Why the devotion to Cincinnati? Why the hometown hustle? hear to Snell and Hickle for a moment and you’ll know. They"re encouraged Cincinnati has a story worth telling—a brand worth paying fist to—and WHBV is exactly how they"re getting the indigenous out.

They"re more than entrepreneurs after all. They"re vikings. And also Cincinnati is Valhalla.