After the choice of 2016, American morale was in tatters. Many of united state felt helpless, which can conveniently lead to despair and also disengagement; and a despairing, disengaged populace is what authoritarians like best.

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To store our own morale up, Noah and I arranged some friends. Together we purchase a three-hour advertising trip over new York City top top Inauguration Day. The plane towed a banner that read, “We Outnumber Him! Resist!” (A tagline do by my brilliant friend Baratunde Thurston.)

People loved it. Photos went viral. Videos to be shared approximately the world. It helped collection the tone because that a weekend (and year) complete of protest against Trump and also the forces that placed him in office.

This image, post by Adria Quiñones, was retweeted 10s of countless times. And also inspired Dylan Meconis‘ artwork, i m sorry we’ve put on tee shirts, bags, and covfefe mugs. (Use discount password UNITEDWEWIN2018 in January for 10% off your whole purchase.)


picture posted by Adria Quiñones

Artwork by Dylan Meconis

Artwork by Dylan Meconis

After Gothamist to be the an initial major site to operation photos, ns contacted them and gave lock this statement:

We determined this message because Americans are right now debating whether we should focus on the economic pertains to of whites who feel marginalized by economic and social transforms that favor diversity or the ongoing struggle versus systemic discrimination faced by women, human being of color, LGBTQ folk, and also others. This is a false an option and is keeping us distracted and divided while Trump and his fellow global elites consolidate your power. We should realize the a nation that worths some people above others – be that whites above people the color, men above women, or rich above working class – deserve to never be truly free. It is only when every human being is represented and cherished same in policy, economics, and social dynamics the we will certainly have completed the “more perfect union” our constitution aspires to. “We outnumber him!” is a fight cry because that that much more perfect union.

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A year later, that post is as essential as ever. We’ve launched a Patreon because that Resistance Air so that us can continue to use aerial advertising and other paid media to make our protest message heard. The goal of this task – and indeed of all my jobs – is come engage and also inspire anti-Trump white folks and also then expose lock to intersectional thinking. Ideally, a whole brand-new wave the white human being will end up being as excited about dismantling systemic white dominance as castle are around removing the orange menace indigenous power.

As because that what’s next…

This miiiiight it is in happening again tomorrow… store your eyes peeled end the Hudson from 11-2pm Eastern.