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What a piece of work-related is manHow noble in reasonHow infinite in facultiesIn kind and movingHow express and admirableIn action how choose an angelIn apprehension just how like a godThe beauty of the worldThe example of animalsI have of lateBut wherefore I understand notLost all my mirthThis goodly frameThe earthSeems come me a sterile promontory
This most great canopyThe airLook youThis brave o'erhanging firmamentThis majestical roofFretted with gold fireWhy it shows up no other thing to meThan a foul and also pestilent congregation that vaporsWhat a item of occupational is manHow noble in reasonHow dare they shot to end this beauty?How dare they shot to finish this beauty?Walking in spaceWe discover the function of peaceThe beauty, beauty of lifeYou have the right to no much longer hide
Embed“What a item of work Is man / exactly how Dare lock Try” by Paris Remillard, Maya Sharpe, Gavin Creel, & 'Hair' tribe on
The bulk of this track is take away verbatim native a famed speech in Shakespeare’s beat Hamlet. Hamlet is praising the tremendous potential the humankind and also the beauty of the world in contrast to his own depression and loss of purpose after his father’s death and mother’s remarriage.

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The kind is somewhat transformed from the original; Claude’s solo (from “I have actually of so late … lost all mine mirth”) is actually at the beginning of the speech. The first part the the song. (“What a item of occupational is man…”) choose up a few lines later.

The finish of the song (starting at “How challenge they…”) is initial to the musical and also not native Shakespeare.

This is among several quotes from Shakespeare in the musical.

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