Processing: an equipment Cycle

The computer system can only do one thing at a time. Each activity must be damaged down into the most straightforward steps. One round of measures from acquiring an instruction earlier to acquiring the following instruction is dubbed the Machine Cycle.

The device Cycle

Fetch- obtain an accuse from key Memory
Decode- analyze it into computer commands
Execute- actually procedure the command
Store- create the an outcome to key Memory


because that example, to add the number 5 and 6 and also show the answer on the display screen requires the adhering to steps:

1. Fetch instruction: "Get number at deal with 123456"

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Decode instruction.
3. Execute: ALU finds the number. (which wake up to be 5)
4. Store: The number 5 is save on computer in a momentary spot in main Memory.
5 - 8 Repeat procedures for an additional number (= 6)
9. Fetch instruction: "Add those 2 numbers"
10. Decode instruction.
11. Execute: ALU to add the numbers.
12. Store: The answer is save on computer in a momentary spot.
13. Fetch instruction: "Display prize on screen."
14. Decode instruction.

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Execute: screen answer ~ above screen.


The enormous speed that the computer enables it to do millions of such steps in a second. In fact, MIPS, standing because that millions of instructions every second, is one means to measure computer system speeds.

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