In emergency rooms across America, doctors, nurses and medical technicians job-related 24 hours a day to fight life-threatening injuries. Gain an exhilarating look inside these ERs and witness the trials and also tribulations of conserving people's lives.

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I’m Pregnant And... Is a collection following expectant mothers dealing with unique circumstances, challenges or conditions, choose incarceration, mental disease or addiction, among others.

Doctors recount the many memorable instances they’ve ever encountered. Unusual, touching, humorous or life-changing – no story is too huge or too small when it concerns the ER. The patients’ lives are hanging in the balance and also it’s approximately the physicians to conserve them.

Embark on a trip of discovery unlike any type of other and also uncover the real stories of individuals living through the many mysterious and incredible medical anomalies, and also celebrate the impressive spirit the the people who have persevered.

Careers and relationships space imperiled together the patients’ worsening ailments wreak havoc on your lives. Follow the tremendous true stories of human being struggling v baffling and also life-threatening illnesses – and the brilliant physicians who diagnose them.

Exposed: mine Naked fact presents human being with physical conditions and also abnormalities the have influenced their lives, relationships, and overall happiness. Throughout each fifty percent hour, we follow 2 individuals as they conquer their human body issues and also find a cure.
Accidents take place without warning, yet what if it was your very own doing that put yourself into a fatal situation? This series combines first-person accounts with dramatic recreations and also real life footage to display that anyone can autumn victim to a fatal self-inflicted injury.
All the baby books and Lamaze classes can not prepare a pregnant woman for as soon as labor no go quite as planned. This first-person account by genuine mothers and fathers discover their unbelievable, unanticipated birth stories.
Shock Trauma: edge of Life is an unscripted series that adheres to stories of the doctors, nurses, and patients in ~ the world-renowned Shock Trauma facility on the campus the the college of Maryland in Baltimore.
Love renders the world go round, for sure. But in some instances, love and sex deserve to lead world 'round to the swinging doors of the emergency room, v medical mishaps that space bizarre, perhaps risky and very, an extremely funny.
In this compelling dramatic series, Sin City ER reveals the gritty real-life clinical dramas the unfold behind ras Vegas’ glitzy façade at among the most unique ERs in America: university Medical center in ras Vegas.

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How is Jani, diagnosed v schizophrenia at age 6, doing this particular day at age 13? has Bodhi been diagnosed through schizophrenia as well? How have the struggles of raising two youngsters with psychological illness impacted the Schofield family?
A high school senior loses her capacity to walk and also speak properly, a college student spikes a fever of 104 and blacks out, and a to the right carpenter develops lumps on his body and is sneeze up blood. Follow their stories and also the medical specialists trying to save their lives.