Wisdom teeth are frequently a topic of worry for plenty of patients, and also we obtain asked a the majority of questions around these periodically pesky teeth. Exactly how do you understand if you require to have actually your wisdom teeth removed? What wake up if you don’t extract wisdom teeth? go the procedure hurt? We know that wisdom teeth have the right to be confusing and perhaps also scary, but don’t worry, our dental office in El Paso is below to help.

Wisdom teeth space usually first seen on dental x-rays throughout routine appointments through your dentist in El Paso. Commonly your dentist team have the right to see them prior to you even know that they’re beginning to job-related their method to surface. This is additionally when we deserve to most likely tell if they’re going to have to be removed. Many of the time, they will should come out. In fact, 90% the Americans have actually their wisdom this removed. Yet what happens if friend don’t have actually your wisdom teeth extracted?


The peak reason why most wisdom teeth must be eliminated is that there’s simply not sufficient room in the mouth for these new teeth. Your dental x-rays will present your dentist whether or no there will certainly be enough room for her wisdom teeth. However, if her mouth doesn’t have actually adequate room and also you execute not have your wisdom this removed, it deserve to lead to overcrowding, crooked teeth, or also an impaction. Having influenced wisdom this essentially way that the teeth space stuck in her bone below the gum line. This deserve to be really painful and increases the danger of infection.

Coming in Sideways

Wisdom teeth additionally have a funny means of working themselves sideways and start come come through horizontally quite than vertically v the gums. If this occurs, adjacent healthy teeth have the right to be serious damaged and your bite can be affected, bring about larger, more serious, and also painful problems.

The threats of Bacteria

Let’s say your wisdom teeth build perfectly and also there’s room because that them in her mouth. If rare, it does happen. If you’re among the few that can keep your wisdom teeth, problems may still uncover you in the future. Wisdom teeth are way in the ago of the mouth which makes them very difficult to properly care for. If ideal oral hygiene isn’t maintained, teeth have the right to decay and also the hazard for gum an illness increases.

Maintaining constant visits to our El Paso dentist office not just helps protect your existing teeth from decay, however these appointments deserve to also assist us identify whether your wisdom teeth have to be gotten rid of before any problems arise.

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If your wisdom this do have to be removed, nothing worry. The procedure is exceptionally common and also your dentist team will do whatever they have the right to to save you comfortable during and also after treatment.