PLEASE NOTE: This driver is installed by the Window Driver update certified installation utility (DriverDoc). This software ensures the you space installing the correct driver variation for her system. Download and also installation takes approximately 2 minutes.

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Download / environment Instructions:

Click "Run" ("Save As" if utilizing Firefox)Click "Run" AgainFollow on-screen directions for installation

Frequently Asked concerns (FAQ):

What Are principle Ata Atapi-Controller?

Drivers space "mini" software program programs that permit Windows to interact with various other software programs and hardware.

Without drivers, the hardware you affix to your computer - because that example, a video card or a webcam - will certainly not occupational properly.


What reasons Ide Ata Atapi-Controller-Related Problems?

Uninstalling / reinstalling programs, spyware/virus infections, or everyday computer use can reason your motorists to come to be corrupt (another common cause is upgrading from home windows XP to windows Vista). Vehicle drivers can additionally become outdated through Windows updates and service load upgrades.

What troubles Can Corrupt principle Ata Atapi-Controller Cause?

Corrupted or outdated motorists often create record errors, communication problems, or hardware break down in Windows. Usual problems include no sound, printing malfunctions, video clip / screen problems.

How perform I Fix concept Ata Atapi-Controller Problems?

There are two (2) methods to settle driver-related problems:

Advanced computer User equipment (manual update):1) Visit each of your hardware manufacturer"s sites come locate and also download every individual driver.2) place each driver in it"s particular folder in Windows.3) go to the Control Panel and also find Manage Hardware Devices.4) Manually update each separation, personal, instance driver adhering to the on-screen instructions.5) Restart your computer.

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Both repair options fix corrupted or outdated vehicle drivers via replacing your current drivers v the latest document releases.

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