Do you have actually a spray tan session coming up soon? If you space confused around what come wear ~ a spray tan, you’ve concerned the best place!

Spray tanning has actually recently end up being the preferred method of acquiring that gorgeous, bronzed look without spending hrs under the smoldering sun or glowing tanning bed, and also risking burning your skin. Remember the the traditional means of getting a tan requires increased exposure come U.V. Radiation, bring about severe skin damage, skin aging, and also the hazard of cancer!

Getting a spray tan instead is the perfect way to provide your skin a sun-kissed glow there is no actually including the sun and every one of its devastating side effects. All set to head to her tanning appointment? here is exactly how you should prepare.

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What have to You Wear during a Spray Tan?

When you’re gaining ready for a spray tan, the is an important to prep her skin well and also wear suitable clothing. Shot to exfoliate your body utilizing a spray tan exfoliator. Gently scrub to remove all the dead cells, dirt, and also debris that might get in the way.

Next, moisturize using a hydrating cream or lotion, and also you’re good to go!

If you’re obtaining a spray tan at residence using a spray tan machine, you’ll more than likely want to walk naked. Yet if not, you’ll desire to bring the right clothing with you come the salon, and for after ~ the tan process.

Be an extremely careful with your hands and also feet, elbows, knees, fingernails, etc. This spots room the places that give away the “fake tan” look.

Time to pick out one outfit. This is an important step that will determine just how well her spray tan transforms out. Selecting the wrong garments can reason ugly tan lines and also discolored patches. Nobody wants that, the course!

The apparel you wear come the tanning session should focus on comfort. Only as soon as you’re in ~ ease will certainly you have the ability to get her body tanned evenly and not fidget the whole time you’re there.

Let’s look over every the contents that can create a comfortable outfit because that you to wear throughout your spray tan.

A Disposable Thong

During a spray tan, the lesser apparel you’re in, the better since they will gain in the method and reason tan lines. Moreover, several of the tanning systems is likely to gain on her clothes, and also it won’t come off.

If you aren’t comfortable with being completely naked throughout the session, that’s alright! Most world opt for a loosened disposable thong the they deserve to discard afterward.

Thongs work far better than continual underwear due to the fact that trails of the tanning systems are most likely to operation down her stomach and towards your crotch area. Cotton underwears will absorb this extra solution and also get ruined.

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Many salons will lug disposable thongs, or provide one for free during a spray tan session. But you might want to choose up your own to be prepared.