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​In CIDR notation, the forward slash plus the variety of bits offered for the network ID. For example, the CIDR block for is /22.

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​A software program configuration that can be provided to disable STP on details ports, such together the port causing the network"s demarc. The prevents accessibility to network links that should not be considered when plotting STP paths in a network.

​An untagged VLAN ~ above a switch that will automatically receive every untagged frames. Options for indigenous VLANs differ according come the switch manufacturer and also model.

​The user interface on a switch qualified of controlling traffic native multiple VLANs. A trunk is a connect configured between two switches" trunk ports.

​An attack in i beg your pardon the attacker generates transmissions that appear, come the switch, come belong to a safeguarded VLAN.

​The virtualization of network solutions in i m sorry a network controller manages these services rather of the solutions being directly managed by the hardware devices involved.

​A traditional that assigns a digital IP deal with to a group of routers. In ~ first, messages routed come the online IP address are tackled by the grasp router. If the grasp router fails, backup routers was standing in heat to take it over responsibility for the virtual IP address.

​A server that exists as a virtual machine, created and also managed by virtualization software on a host, or physical, computer.

​The interface on a switch used for an end node. Devices linked to access ports space unaware the VLAN information.

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​Cisco"s proprietary standard, comparable to VRRP, that assigns a virtual IP address to a group of routers. At first, message routed to the online IP resolve are taken on by the energetic router. If the energetic router fails, standby routers was standing in line to take over responsibility for the digital IP address.

A solitary switch can regulate traffic belong to numerous VLANs top top a single interface, by configuring the user interface as what alternative below?​

The administration option that can administer on-site infrastructure accessibility when the network is under or finish remote accessibility in situations of connectivity failure on the network, such together via a cellular signal, is known as?

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