1. Join of California as a free state2. Removed of the servant trade in Washington DC3. I of the Fugitive slave Act

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Who won the election of 1860 with a platform supporting transcontinental railroad and also a house act for western expansion, and opposing the spread out of slavery?
1. There were fewer than six border states2. Each mutual its northern border v a Union state and its southern border through a Confederate state3. They were slave states
There were a number of political, economic, and social challengers encountering the us after the polite War. I m sorry of the complying with was primarily a political challenge?
1. Amnesty and the repair of home to every southerners ready to swear a faithful oath have to be granted 2. Southerners must be permitted to poll for new state constitutions, yet only amnestied white makes would can vote
Which amendment come the us Constitution guaranteed complete citizenship and equal defense under the regulation to afri Americans?
The Democrat"s commitment to accept Haye"s victory in the presidential election of 1876 in exchange for the Republicans" acknowledgment of home dominance in the South came to be known as
General Ulysses S approve is maybe to defeat Confederate forces in western Tennessee and also Cumberland Rivers i beg your pardon locked Kentucky much more securely to the Union and opened a gateway come Tennessee and on come Georgia
Among the Europeans that came to aid the unified states during the American transformation to train the Continental military to construct it right into a strong fore?


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