Do anyone know when USC will inform you that either and acceptance or rejection? I used for financial assist (I don't understand if that renders a distinction or not...) and also I was just wondering when I might expect to hear ago from them. Additionally will over there be an e-mail or update on the portal in addition to the paper copy of the decision?

When will you hear native us?All first-year applicants that submitted a finish application through the deadline will certainly be mailed an join decision on in march 26th. Decisions will be easily accessible online via USConnect beginning March 29th at noon PT. All carry applicants that submitted a finish application by the deadline will certainly be mailed an admission decision or a inquiry for feather semester qualities by June 3rd. USC does no have an early decision program. Only notice from the Office of join constitutes an sell of admission.

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I used for gaue won aid

And, using for financial aid will in no means affect once your decision is received.

Good luck.

mwcgeheee December 17, 2013, 9:21pm #3

Is over there a opportunity that I can hear indigenous them sooner? ns was browsing through last years forums and saw that civilization were being informed mid-late January…

Sullivan7 December 17, 2013, 10:01pm #4
mwcgeheee I have been wondering around this as well. I have actually been said in various other threads that just a few that are invited come interview for among their significant scholarships (like presidential) listen in so late january/early february. The wait it killing me too!!

alamemom December 17, 2013, 10:25pm #5

Yes, as answered because that Sullivan right here”> , a very small percentage of applicants will certainly hear in late January/early February. 97% come 98% the appliants will hear in March.


Hi Sullivan,

A very, very little percentage that those who used by the scholarship deadline will hear around their admission in late January/early February when they get invitations come interview because that the “big” scholarships together with a notification of admission.

Most freshman applicants (approximately 97%-98% of every applicants) will get their admission decisions in late March. Notifications will certainly be mailed march 26th and easily accessible online on in march 29th.

Georgia_Girl December 17, 2013, 10:38pm #6

Seniors who applied by the December 1 deadline and also are selected come interview for the significant scholarships are educated earlier. It is in the hundreds. This is excellent in order because that the students come make travel arrangements.

Last year this was the variety of students who were vested the major scholarships:


Other major scholarships together as town & Gown, Jewish Leadership and Panhellenic:

Other major merit----50

There were 156 Dean’s Scholarships awarded. This students were educated later together no interview is required for this honor.

Each undergraduate institution at SC awards scholarships come selected freshmen. These space usually not in the huge amounts as the Trustee, Mork and Stamps. The university has actually not released complete details around the distribution and also qualifications because that the new scholarships which will certainly be sponsor by the anonymous donation of $20 million.

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Recruited athletes through NCAA and also league rules have in some cases been admitted. An additional thread has actually been posted through the names of this students who have actually signed binding letter of intent.