Reaction is a neutralizationreactionwhere water + salt is created when a base (Ca(OH)2) and acid (H3PO4) react.

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Neutralization reaction is atype ofa twin displacement reaction whereions space switched with their respective counter ions.


Part B. As soon as the complying with reaction occurs:

H3PO4(aq) + Ca(OH)2(aq) →

What is the formula because that the salt formed?

Express her answer together a chemical formula.

Reactions in water solution have the right to be classified based on the driving force that converts reaction to product. The three classes space precipitation reactions, acid-base neutralization reactions, and oxidation-reduction reactions.

• In precipitation reaction a heavy product forms from aqueous reactants. The product deserve to be suspect by utilizing solubility rules.• In acid-base neutralization reaction an mountain (proton donor) reacts with a basic (proton acceptor) to type an ionic salt and sometimes water. You have the right to recognize this kind of reaction by the visibility of one acid and base in the reactants.• In oxidation-reduction reactions (or redox for short) electrons are transferred in between reactants. So girlfriend will always see transforms in oxidation number in ~ this kind of reaction.

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