In a/an ________________, a table deserve to contain information around two or more entities.a. Normalized data structureb. None of the abovec. Foreign an essential constraintd. Unnormalized data structure

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When you recognize the data facets in a new database, you typically subdivide data aspects intoa. The largest practical componentsb. The smallest practical componentsc. Contents that can be easily parsed each time you usage them
Which of the adhering to diagrams finest represents the relationship in between a table of students and also a table that classes because that which the college student is registered?
What carry out you usage to uniquely determine each heat in a table?a. A primary keyb. A foreign keyc. A skeleton keyd. One index
When you subdivide a data element, friend can conveniently rebuild the when essential by ________________ the individual components.a. Concatenatingb. Assigningc. Updatingd. Matching
Typically, what kind do many database designers take into consideration a database structure to be normalized?a. Fifthb. Secondc. Fourthd. Third
The many common form of relationship between two tables is called what?a. One-to-many relationshipb. One-to-one relationshipc. Primary relationshipd. Many-to-many relationship
To normalize a data structure, what perform you apply in sequence?a. Indexesb. Normal formsc. Composite indexesd. No one of the above
To preserve ________________, if girlfriend delete a heat in a primary crucial table, you must likewise delete any kind of related rows in foreign vital tables.a. Referential integrityb. Foreign an essential valuesc. Foreign vital restraintsd. Primary vital restraints
To obtrude referential integrity, the database cana. Return one error instead of law the requested actionb. Do the requested activity and do the related alters to the associated tablesc. Perform the requested activity and mark any kind of orphans in connected tablesd. A or be. A or c
Which that the complying with diagrams ideal represents the relationship between a table that customers and a table that orders inserted by customers?
Which the the following is not a great guideline for deciding once to develop an index because that a column?a. The obelisk is typically used in search problems or joins.b. The tower is a international key.c. The column has a big number of distinct values.d. The obelisk is typically updated.
Which that the adhering to does not violate the referential verity of a database?a. Update a foreign vital with a value that doesn"t complement a primary vital in the connected tableb. Deleting a row in a foreign an essential table there is no deleting the related row in the associated primary crucial tablec. Inserting a new row into a table with a foreign an essential that doesn"t enhance a primary an essential in the related tabled. Update a primary vital in a primary vital table without also updating the foreign keys for the related rows in all associated tables
deleting a row in a foreign key table without deleting the connected row in the connected primary vital table
| assignment / OrderID, OrderDate |------------ | products / ProductID, ProductName |Which column or columns in every table must be defined as the major key?a. Orders: OrderID and OrderDateOrderLineItems: OrderID and OrderSequenceProducts: ProductIDb. Orders: OrderIDOrderLineItems: OrderIDProducts: ProductIDc. Orders: OrderIDOrderLineItems: OrderID and also OrderSequenceProducts: ProductIDd. Orders: OrderIDOrderLineItems: OrderID, OrderSequence, and ProductIDProducts: ProductID and also ProductName
After you identify and also subdivide all of the data facets for a database, friend should team them by the entities through which they"re associated. The reality will become the tables of the database, and also the aspects will become thea. Cellsb. Indexesc. Rowsd. Columns
If two tables have actually a many-to-many relationship, you need to define a _____________ table the relates their records.a. Compositeb. Uniquec. Linkingd. Primary
What carry out you frequently use to relate 2 tables that have a one-to-one relationship?a. Indexesb. Composite keysc. Foreign keysd. Main keys
To apply the second normal form, you move columns the don"t count on the entire primary key to one more table and also establish a relationship between the 2 tables. Thisa. Rises redundancy however makes the data much more consistentb. Rises redundancy yet makes maintain easierc. To reduce redundancy and makes maintenance easierd. To reduce redundancy but makes maintenance more difficult
To it is in in the very first normal form, each cell in a table must containa. A non-unique valueb. A non-redundant valuec. A distinct valued. A single, scalar value
To it is in in the third normal forma. Every non-key column must depend only on the major keyb. Every non-key column should depend top top the whole primary keyc. The non-key columns should not contain repeating valuesd. Every one of the above

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