The civilization is residence to end 1,000 arrays of bananas, yet numerous of us only see the typical yellow banana in ~ our grocery stores. As their name suggests, red bananas look favor bananas, but with red or purple skin. Red bananas hail indigenous Southeast Asia and offer a notably various banana experience than the typical yellow Cavendish banana that you often see in ~ big-box grocery store stores.

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Red bananas are smaller than Cavendish bananas, and they have a slightly different taste. The red banana is a tiny sweeter 보다 the yellow banana, and also it's frequently said the they have a hints of raspberry flavor. The red banana has actually a thick yet soft creamy center, more so 보다 that the the yellow banana. If you want to increase your banana horizons, switching her yellow bananas for red ones can keep things fresh.
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Red bananas offer many of the same health benefits as yellow bananas. They provide an array of essential nutrients and may aid immune systems, digestion, and also heart health. Generally, red bananas have 8 more grams of sugar and 30 more calories contrasted to yellow bananas the the same size. The being said, red bananas score lower on the glycemic index than yellow bananas. This way that red bananas may be a far better option for civilization who want to mitigate their cholesterol levels and maintain a healthy blood street level.
A little red banana (about 100 grams) has 15% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C and 11% the your day-to-day value of potassium. The red-orange pigment in red bananas likewise provides beta-carotene, the precursor to vitamin A, which is important to eye health and also the immune system. The high fiber content acts together a prebiotic, feeding valuable probiotic organisms.
You have the right to store a red banana the same method you would a yellow banana. If you want to keep ripe bananas, be certain to take it them out of any packaging, as the banana skins produce a gas that increases the ripening process. Save your bananas in ~ room temperature. You have the right to use a couple of tricks to slow down the ripening process, such as pulling every banana far from the bunch and wrapping the tribe of one in plastic wrap.
If friend can't get to her banana prior to it becomes overripe, you have the right to put that in the freezer. You must peel any banana friend put into the freezer, together trying come peel a frozen banana is problematic. You deserve to keep bananas in the freezer for several months to be offered for a baked an excellent or smoothie later.

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