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When friend think that turmeric, most world probably think of one orange-gold spice that you deserve to sprinkle in recipes to give them some extra flavor. But this delicious spice actually comes from a root, and that source can additionally be provided in recipes.

Turmeric root is prized because that its new flavor, which is milder than turmeric in freckles form. If you planning on making something v it, we’ll present you where to buy turmeric root.

In the event you don’t have time to operation to the grocery store, feel cost-free to click on the links below to order some online.

Product Name

Good For

USDA Organic entirety Raw Turmeric Root

If You\"re trying to find Organic

Fresh Yellow Turmeric Root

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Frontier Co-Op Turmeric Root

If You desire to Skip the Prep

Where come Buy Turmeric Root

1. Kroger

If you’ve obtained a Kroger nearby, you deserve to probably uncover some new turmeric source there. We uncovered that you deserve to likely buy turmeric by the pound there.

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2. Albertsons

Do you have an Albertsons in town? If so, you should stop on by – lock may have this conveniently prepacked turmeric root available.

3. Publix

You can discover a range of fantastic food at your local Publix. Us were maybe to discover some prepackaged Marjon turmeric there.

4. Whole Foods

Many human being looking for fresh develop love to shop at whole Foods. The good news is, friend may likewise find they’ve got some new turmeric root because that you. After searching, we found that they regularly have necessary turmeric available.

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5. Walmart

If you’re looking for something specific, WalMart is frequently a great starting point. In the situation of turmeric root, you could find turmeric root fingers in ~ your neighborhood Walmart.

6. Hy-Vee

A Hy-Vee may additionally have what you looking for. Lock sometimes carry Melissa’s turmeric root, which comes in eight-ounce packages.

7. Safeway

Is over there a Safeway in your town? you can always check there, together well. Odds are, lock will have turmeric root by the pound.

8. Amazon

Have you confirm all the grocery store stores in your city or city, only to find none of them had turmeric root? Don’t offer up yet! girlfriend can always buy turmeric source on Amazon. Offer this USDA Organic whole Raw Turmeric Root a try.

What Aisle is Turmeric source in?

If you in the store right now trying to find turmeric root, we’ll overview you. Head end to the produce section.

Roots, favor ginger, are regularly kept alongside the produce. Shot checking near the ginger source for your turmeric.

While you’re at it, if you’re on the lookout because that arrowroot, us can aid you with that, too. Inspect out our guide on whereby arrowroot is in the grocery store.

Common Questions about Buying Turmeric Root

Can friend buy turmeric at the grocery store?

Turmeric isn’t an elusive summer sprouts or root. You deserve to generally uncover it at just around any grocery store, although whereby you will check depends top top the form you want it in.

As a spice, you’ll desire to look for turmeric in the freckles aisle. ~ above the other hand, if you desire turmeric root, you have the right to grab that in the produce section.

Which is better: fresh or dried turmeric?

Wondering if it’s much better for you to eat your turmeric in new or dried form? The answer relies on what you’re looking to obtain out of it.

If you want something the stores far better and longer, dried turmeric is the way to go. It’s also much simpler to incorporate it right into recipes.

But like with any kind of other produce, turmeric’s raw type retains all of the root’s nutrients. For the reason, if you’re looking to acquire the many nutrition the end of it, consider using fresh turmeric instead.

Can ns eat life turmeric root?

There’s no must be worried about consuming life turmeric. It’s no a root that needs to it is in cooked before it’s safe to eat, so girlfriend can entirely eat that raw.

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Some people even say the there are countless health benefits to eat raw turmeric source on the own. Instances of wellness benefits include helping alleviate inflammation and also possibly reducing the hazard of cancer in the lengthy run.

Wrap Up

Turmeric root is a surprisingly flexible root the you have to consider including to her repertoire. You have the right to put it in smoothies, salads, roasted veggies, curry, and even some of your baking. If you decision you’re ready to offer it a try, now you’ll know where to buy it!