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What is the best ink because that stick and also poke tattoos?

This is the burning inquiry on the minds of DIY tattooers about the world.

We’re all going a tiny stir crazy at home.

But hand poke tattoos are a traditional art.

You have the right to honor the practice by protecting your health while creating beautiful human body art.

Let’s talk about the safest and smartest octopus to use for DIY tattoos.

Will stick and also poke tattoos fade quickly?

Some human being think that hand poke tattoos room semi-permanent.

This is false. At least, it’s no true if you use high-quality tattoo ink.

On the other hand, if you use Sharpie ink, pen ink, or even India ink, her tattoo is most likely to fade faster.

But please, don’t stab yourself with a needle and also marker ink– it is a cooking recipes for negative results.

Take the time to do a DIY tattoo she proud to show off. Use real tattoo ink for stick and poke art.

How to get the finest results v stick and poke tattoos

You have the right to spend time in search of attractive stick and poke tattoo ideas, but you need more than inspiration.

It’s a an excellent idea to map out your illustration first, then usage a stencil to transport it to the skin.

At a minimum, you’ll need a needle, best a sterile tattoo needle.

You can additionally get a needle holder that resembles a pen. It renders it much simpler to manage (1).

Also, you’ll desire tattoo ink. Get the kind experts use. Examine the reviews listed below for suggestions.

Next, store things sanitary, also if you’re just working top top yourself. To water the ink into a sterile container, or use disposable squid cups made for tattoo artists.

Clean and also shave the skin. If you’re working, wiping excess ink turn off with green soap can help prevent infection and also promote healing.

Avoid blowouts through not pushing too deep and causing bleeding.

Remember, stick and poke art will take much much longer than draft done through tattoo irons. Even little images call for patience.

Finally, law the brand-new tattoo with care. Keep it clean and also protected so that it heals quickly.

How to choose the ideal tattoo ink because that stick n’ poke tattoos

The most famous inks space pre-dispersed and also ready come use. Provide them a great long shake prior to you to water them.

Tattoo squid are comprised of a pigment and also a carrier.

The pigments are vegetable, metal, or plastic-based (2).

Meanwhile, the carrier can be distilled water, alcohol, glycerine, propylene glycol, or witch hazel. The critical ingredient is type to the skin as it helps minimize redness and bleeding (3).

It’s common to perform stick and also poke tattoos through black ink, but there’s no reason why you can’t use other colors if friend wish.

In summary, I’d introduce going with dependable ink manufacturers like the people in the reviews below.

Best Ink because that Stick and also Poke

MOM’S Tattoo ink – black Onyx


Shop now at Amazon

Mom’s black color Onyx is based on carbon black, glycerin, and also water. Therefore, it’s around as non-toxic together tattoo ink deserve to be.

It’s make in the USA, i m sorry is one indicator the it’s produced according to strict standards. And fortunately, that an economically choice.

Each batch is repeatedly the very same texture and also color every time you purchase it.

Artists have commented the the very pigmented shade stays true ~ healing.

But notification that some reviewers to speak the shade looks grayer than black in dark skin.


Non-toxicHighly pigmentedColor remains vibrant after healingMade in the USA


Black Onyx may not it is in black enough to stand the end on dark skin

Dynamic black Tattoo Lining defect Shading Ink


Shop now at Amazon

If you want a deep black that’s fade-resistant, Dynamic’s squid is the go-to choice. Artists about the world depend ~ above it.

It’s diluent than some brands together it’s based on isopropyl alcohol, carbon black, and acrylic resin. But the thin consistency is right for fine lines.

On the various other hand, no everyone wants to placed plastic (i.e., acrylic resin) under their skin.

This octopus is widely supplied for lining, lack work, and shading, and portraits. That’s because it blends well with washes.


Deep black color that resists fadingTrusted brand offered by skilled artistsThin texture mixes well for washes


Thin consistency flows fine from a tattoo iron but may be an overwhelming to use for stick and also pokeContains acrylic resin and also alcohol which might irritate the skin

Intenze True black Tattoo Ink


Shop currently at Amazon

Those in the recognize love Intenze’s True black color for stick and also poke tattoos. Permit me tell you why this may be the best choice for you.

First, it’s based on non-toxic ingredients choose carbon black, distilled water, glycerin, and witch hazel. There are two services to this blend.

Not only does it stand up to drying out while working on a huge project, however it’s likewise kind come the skin. The witch hazel calms redness and swelling.

Also, this is a vegan-friendly formula. (Contrary to part reviews, glycerin can likewise come indigenous vegetal sources).

Second, the ink is sterilized under control laboratory conditions, then packaged in a tamper-proof bottle. All you should do to prevent infection is to use a sterile needle and also keep your workspace and the skin clean.

Finally, the wealthy black color is perfect for both lining and shading.


Vibrant black shade works well because that shading and also liningWon’t dry the end while you’re workingSterile squid made v non-toxic ingredients that alleviate irritationVegan-friendly


Purchase just authentic Intenze ink from a reputable resource or the high quality won’t it is in the same

Bloodline Tattoo squid All purpose Black


Shop now at Amazon

Bloodline’s All-Purpose black color ink is thick.

It’s a blend of necessary pigment, sterile water, propylene glycol, and also alcohol.

For lining through an iron, lock recommend cutting it down 3 parts ink to 1 component witch hazel or distilled water. (Yes, you deserve to use Listerine, too.)

Therefore, her mileage may vary if you use it to create fine lines for stick and poke.

If her heart is collection on this ink, please shot it the end on exercise skin first. When you get a feeling for the consistency, you have the right to decide even if it is to dilute it.

Users say that the ink stays vibrant and also fade-free because that years come come.


Organic pigmentFade-free color stays sharpCan be cut with witch hazel, water, or Listerine


Thick consistency, may need to it is in diluted

Tattoo squid – black color TRIBAL – VIKING ink USA


Shop now at Amazon

Viking octopus is do in the USA, yet it additionally meets European requirements for safety and purity.

The black color Tribal is a vegan shade that won’t fade to eco-friendly or blue choose some black inks do.

The ultra-fine milled pigment is an unified with diluents favor witch hazel and aloe vera. These carriers soothe the skin to avoid swelling, bleeding, and also inflammation.

The thin texture is perfect because that filling large areas.

Users say that this the shade of black color isn’t the deepest they’ve ever seen, however it go easy right into the skin.


Non-toxicDiluents avoid inflammationEnters the skin easilyColor won’t fade to green or blue


Thin consistency, for this reason take care to prevent blowouts

Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink, Outlining

Don’t be fooled by the brown label – it shows that this is an yes, really Kuro Sumi squid bottle. (Black and also white labels room fakes.)

This outlining squid is a deep black color shade that resists fading because that years.

It’s vegan and organic, add to it’s do in the USA.

Although much more costly than some brands, many artists swear by Kuro Sumi and refuse to usage anything else.

One artist who’s done stick and poke tattoos for years say that it’s the just ink they usage for it. Moreover, they’ve never had to carry out touch-ups if it no on the hands.


Used by specialists worldwideMade in the USA through organic and vegan ingredientsDark color is really resistant come fading


Be cautious to protect against fake inks together this brand is frequently copied

Starbrite Sterilized Tattoo ink Jet black color Outliner

Starbrite octopus is made in Connecticut, then sterilized and also tested for safety and also quality.

The vegan-friendly formula is totally free of nickel and also iron to make it much safer for perceptible skin.

Users say that this outliner ink might not it is in the blackest available, yet offers great value because that the price.

Be mindful with the unique bottle design. Some customers say the it’s vulnerable to leaking and could cause contamination the the squid inside.


Sterile squid that’s cost-free of iron and nickelMade in the USA


Quirky bottle architecture could leakNot the blackest black

World famous Tattoo ink – key Black

Have you ever before gotten to the bottom that the ink party without establish it? that no fun to operation out the tattoo ink prior to you complete the piece.

World famed ink come in a transparent bottle. The lid is tamper-proof and also the brand is waterproof.

The ink has been extensively sterilized v gamma rays.

Furthermore, that vegan and cruelty-free.

Although do in America, it also meets European criter for quality.

Although the key Black shade is bold, a minority of reviewers law stick and poke say that it just lasts as lengthy as India octopus in the skin.


Made in the USASterilized and also packaged in a tamper-proof bottleVegan and also cruelty-free


Might not stand up to fading when supplied for stick and poke

Stigma Tattoo squid (Dark Black) TI952-4OZ-D

Stigma is a new tattoo squid brand that manufactures in the USA. Castle sterilize their assets with gamma rays.

The carriers because that the pigment incorporate water, glycerin, and also witch hazel. Unfortunately, ns wasn’t may be to uncover their website or MSDS sheets online.

The highly-pigmented Dark Black color is good for lining and also shading, as well as stick and poke. Customers say the the color takes well.

Moreover, castle sell straight through Amazon and also offer a satisfaction guarantee.


Non-toxic carriers prefer water and also witch hazel alleviate skin irritationDark colors is an ideal for stick and also pokeComes with the sell of a refund if you’re no satisfied


New brand with no digital presence

Allegory Premium Lining & Shading Tattoo squid Blak

The BLAK ink is classified together non-hazardous on its safety and security data sheet. That lists carbon black, water, and also isopropyl alcohol together ingredients. As such, the vegan.

It’s likewise 100% make in the USA.

Of course, girlfriend really desire to understand if it’s a good ink because that stick and poke.

It transforms out the the silky texture packs right into the skin favor butter. If you usage it through a tattoo iron, it’s right for lining and also shading.

Inside the bottle is a glass marble so that when you shiver it, the octopus comes out smooth.

Artists say that tattoos done with this ink stay looking fresh and also sharp long after castle heal.

But a few reviewers claimed that it brought about an disadvantage skin reaction.


Smooth texture, basic to useColorfast and also vibrantVegan and also made in the USA


May reason an allergy reaction

Nighthawk black color Tattoo ink — facet Tattoo Supply

One to mark of this black color ink is that it plays fine with various other brands. You have the right to mix that with other pigments.

It was produced in California by a skilled tattoo artist. The deep black color is an ideal for tribal tats, outlining, and shading.

It’s additionally excellent as a standalone shade for stick and also poke.

The blend of natural and organic ingredients promotes quick healing.

There space zero solvents or acrylic in it. That a formula that protects the skin and slows down drying time, which is superb for completing large pieces.

Choose indigenous 1, 2, 4, or 8-ounce bottles.


Non-toxic, non-irritating inkNo solvents or acrylic in the bottleDeep black color color perfect for stick and also poke, outlining, and also tribal tatsSlow dry time, i m sorry is an excellent for beginners or big imagesAvailable in a selection of sizes


Thin consistency might be difficult for beginners

Dragonhawk Hand Poke and also Stick Tattoo Pen

Use this 3-D-printed pen to hold the tattoo needle for stick and poke.

It meets FDA guidelines for Skin surface Devices.

Artists love it as it provides hand punctured tattoos feeling like drawing with a pen.

Cosco Tincture of environment-friendly Soap

Keep points safe and also sanitary once you cleanse your tools and also skin with environment-friendly soap.

It’s wonderful for wiping turn off excess ink and also blood while girlfriend work. The formula helps minimize swelling and bleeding.

This tincture of eco-friendly soap is made with lavender oil and also glycerin, plus the biodegradable.

Dilute it v 9 parts water because that cleaning and also applying stencils.


Stick and also poke tattoos are less complicated to do when you use real tattoo ink.

They continue to be fresh, vibrant, and beautiful because that longer.

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Go v the ink offered by skilled artists as soon as you do hand bag tattoos.


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