A1 PASSPORT & VISA EXPRESS have the right to DO ALL varieties OF PASSPORT and VISA PHOTOS for YOU, consisting of INTERNATIONAL images RIGHT right here IN DC.

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Standard 2×2 in Photos

Standard 2×2 in (51 x 51 mm) U.S. Style photos room acceptable for U.S. Passports and also U.S. Visas. Castle are likewise acceptable as visa photos for every the nations A1 is maybe to process visas for. These conventional photos are likewise excellent because that resumes, the worldwide Driver Permit, push releases, advertisements, immigration documents, or social media icons. The picture come in a collection of two originals and also are printed on high top quality glossy photo document at 600 pixels every inch. 2×2 pictures are excellent on a walk-in basis, no need to speak to first!

International Photos

Photos the fall outside of the above selection are special need photos and also require an appointment as the head size should be more carefully measured and also the photo must be reduced at the precise specifications. Examples encompass passport or visas photos because that the UK and Ireland (45×35 mm), or Canadian (50×70 mm) passport photos.These photos are typically taken three days per week, once the photographer is in. Please call the office to collection up an appointment and also inquire around prices.

Getting to Us

We are close to the edge of 14th. And K Street, a short block to McPherson Square subway station. There space plenty that street parking and garages. Authorize in at the prior desk and take the elevator to the 6th. Floor.

Photo Requirements

Your photo requirements to be taken in color2 x 2 customs (51 x 51 mm) in sizeIt demands to be published on high top quality glossy or matte photograph paperThe head must be between 1 inch and also 1 3/8 customs (between 25 and also 35 mm) indigenous the optimal of the head come the bottom that the chin.To reflect her appearance, it must be taken in ~ the last 6 monthsTaken in former of one off-white or plain white backgroundTaken in full-face view directly facing the camera (no “selfies” or headshots)Taken v a neutral face expression (or a slight organic smile), v both eye openWear clothing that you usually wear ~ above a day-to-day basisUniforms, apparel that looks prefer a uniform, and camouflage attire space unacceptable other than in the situation of religious attire the is worn daily.Only wear a cap or head extending if it is worn day-to-day for spiritual purposes. Your full confront must be visible and also your head covering cannot obscure your hairline or actors shadows on your face.Headphones, wireless hands-free devices or comparable items room not agree in her photo.Eyeglasses have to not it is in worn – effective November 1st, 2016Without eyeglasses

How to do a Digital Copy of your Photo

We space unable to offer digital copies. Regrettably, the special devices we use sends out the master straight to the passport picture printer via Bluetooth. We administer customers with two masters in a collection at 600 DPI / 600 PPI. That is well above the typical resolution (300) necessary for digital copies. For instance, the U.S. Department of State requires a resolution of 300.

Luckily that is an extremely easy to make a digital copy the your photo yourself.

Scan your picture at 300 DPI (dots per inch) or 300 PPI (pixels per inch) or higher in jpg format. This is normally default setting for most scanners.

Due come network defense issues and also customer privacy our office scanner is not easily accessible for windy use. FedEx and also most libraries sell scanning services.

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Non-U.S. Photos

It is best to inspect with the consular services section of her government’s website if you space unsure of the present photo requirements. The is ideal to lug your demands to our office v you if that is a country we perform not take pictures for often as this will help when we measure the head size and also trim the photo. Below are several of the most common special photos we take.