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united state picky around suffixes on passports? (home, legal, renewal)
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I renewed mine non-biometric passport a year prior to the expiration in bespeak to obtain a biometric passport and to omit the Jr. Suffix due to the fact that it has caused difficulties for me as soon as checking in self-check in kiosks because the computer cannot comprehend suffix uneven it is exactly in the place where that is in ~ (in mine last surname section).Whenever i make my airline reservations and also includes a suffix box....it puts it on after my very first and middle name.......and states passport does not enhance airline reservation since it has actually it ~ my critical name and must go see airline agent. This is also worse in worldwide flights whereby I am sometimes questioned why my passport walk not match the airline ticket (suffix was either skip or placed after middle name ~ above Europe and also Asian systems), include to the truth that the was not biometric and they assumed it was fake....embarrassing situation.Now ns am worried since when ns did the renewal kind at the write-up office today, one lady stated you do not have actually the put jr ~ above the passport because my dad (whom i am named after) has actually a different middle name yet the other lady that packaged mine passport to be sent was a bit more picky speak she does no think the is feasible since my brand-new application passport request does not have actually jr.She request for one more ID and also I present her my state id without the suffix and also she photocopied the to current it v my renewal form to make a note that it does not complement passport name.She claims that as far as she deserve to do to aid me and also it is approximately the us passport firm at Philadelphia come decide in ~ a few weeks.My bear certificate has actually jr and also they placed it close to my critical name due to the fact that it walk not have actually a suffix box on the form....yet my financial institution accounts and IDs do not have actually the suffixes.Does anyone had this problem and how friend dealed v it?I have the right to only hope they accept the very minor change....it is not choose I an altering my full legal name, simply omitting one suffix.And I carry out not want to salary for one more $110 rebirth fee