An ancient Greek tragedy contains a character that deals with a disastrous flaw, and also learns a moral/lesson. The character usually has a foil. An instance of a tragedy: Antigone. It was a book that proved the fate of people who had actually pride. Creon noticed his flaw too late, and also then he challenged fate, as Haimon killed himself ~ Antigone"s death. I recommend you review this Greek tragedy, very interesting. 

Without large farms come run, the human being in the north did not count on slave labor an extremely much. In the South, the economy was based upon agriculture. ... The North want the brand-new states to it is in “free states.” many northerners assumed that enslavement was wrong and also many northern states had outlawed slavery.

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yes, girlfriend can autumn a sleep at the wheel and run right into something, leading to an accident. Girlfriend or other could come to be seriously injured.

There is a an extremely fine line between background and society Studies, but history is more concerned through a certain entity or time duration and the partnership of that reality to the past and also future--whereas social studies focusses exclusively on humans communicating with other humans.



Teaching aids space the extra mediums or equipment used to aid in the much better understanding the what has been taught or talked about. Together aids may encompass videos, photographs, charts, graphs, etc.

In the provided scenario, the best help to help a speech on simple karate moves and also their execution would certainly be yourself. This means that by reflecting the an easy moves yourself, the learners can much better understand exactly how to execute the moves. Besides, presenting the moves nearly will permit the learner to get to know and also learn the moves far better than by mere presentation or pictures.

Thus, the correct is yourself.

Why go the continental Congress market bonds to international governments during the American Revolution? A. To help foreign government

The correct choice is C. To help raise money come finance the war.

The American polite War, known as well as the war of the Rebellion or an excellent Rebellion, was fought in the United states from 1861 come 1865 greatly as a result of the long-standing conflict over the enslavement of black color people. Before this American civil War started the U.S. Government debt was already $64.8 million, and once the war began this debt grew quickly.

The financial expense of the war was estimated at $5.2 billion consequently, the U.S. Federal government had come come increase with new ways come pay because that this high value war. therefore in 1862, congress passed the Legal tender Act come finance the civil War.

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The Legal soft Act enabled the federal government, because that the an initial time in U.S. Federal government to print record money that was no backed through an same amount of gold or silver, which was called greenbacks. And selling $500 million in bonds to raise money to finance the war.