what room the two primary situational considerations in need accomplishment theory?A. Probability that success and also incentive worth of successB. Proud or shame and also probability the successC. Resultant achievement motivation and probability the successD. Incentive value the success and also pride or shameE. Probability that success and motive to attain success

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which of the adhering to is NOT among the major motives because that participating in sport?A. Having actually funB. Pleasing parentsC. Boosting skillsD. Being through friendsE. Achieve success
which is the most widely endorsed check out of an ideas taken by sport psychologists?A. PhenomenologicalB. Trait-centeredC. Situational D. Interactional E. Individual
which that the following is no a major reason for at first joining an exercise program?A. Feeling betterB. Wellness factorsC. AffiliationD. Load lossE. Fitness
a study by sorrentino and also sheppard on an ideas of swimmers uncovered that...A. Approval-oriented swimmers demonstrated faster times in the group situation than in the individual situationB. Approval-oriented swimmers demonstrated much faster times in the individual situation than in the team situationC. Rejection-oriented swimmers swam faster individually 보다 in relay situationsD. A and also cE. B and also c
athlete an ideas is usually the result of...A. A mix of an individual and situational factorsB. Situational factorsC. The background of success or failureD. Personal factorsE. Parental expectations
which the the adhering to is no true that reinforcement?A. If a an effect of doing something is positive, we will shot to repeat this behavior in the future.B. If a consequence of act something is negative, us will shot to no repeat this habits in the future.C. The consequences of actions are no as vital as one"s personalityD. A and also bE. A and c
to recognize an athlete"s motives for sports participation, one should...A. Watch the athlete to check out what he/she likes and also does no like around the activityB. Talk to rather who recognize the athleteC. Regularly ask the athlete to perform his/her factors for participationD. All of these E. A and also c
in a basic sense, an inspiration can be defined as...A. The intensity of one"s effortB. The direction of one"s effortC. The intensity and also direction of one"s effortD. The id that one can properly perform a taskE. The direction and also duration the one"s effort
the results of the sorrentino and sheppard study have which the the following practical implications?A. The four faster swimmers would not necessarily make the finest relay teamB. Both situation and personal factors need to be considered in knowledge motivationC. Rejection-oriented swimmers would certainly perform finest in relaysD. A and also c E. A and b
an athlete is more motivated once she plays versus competitors that are much better than she is than when she plays versus competitors who room weaker than she is. This is an example of which strategy to motivation?A. Trait-centeredB. SituationalC. InteractionalD. IndividualE. No one of these
which of the adhering to is a technique for boosting intrinsic motivation?A. Carry out positive feedbackB. Provide rewards that room not arbitrarily on performanceC. Set easy power goalsD. A and also bE. A and also c
which that the following is a stage of advance in achievement motivation?A. Autonomous competence stageB. Combined stageC. Viewed competence stageD. A and bE. All of these
an effective method to usage to readjust undesirable engine of one athlete is...A. Reasonable emotive therapyB. Operant conditioningC. Self-monitoringD. Cognitive interventionE. Cognitive restructuring
motivated behavior is mostly a duty of separation, personal, instance characteristics. This is constant with which view of motivation?A. Interactional B. Treat-centeredC. PhenomenologicalD. IndividualE. Situational
according to the sorrentino and sheppard (1978) study, knowing only personal characteristics the the athletes is sufficient to suspect performanceT / F
to develop motivational environments, coaches should emphasis only top top competitive tasks during practice sessions.T / F

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