The proper means to increase progression in weight training is to slowly increase the amount and kind of stimulus applied to the muscle.TRUE OR FALSE

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Jamie and Scott did sit-ups, push-ups, and also curl-ups, and also then contrasted the information to find out who had much better __________.
Maggie plans a workout for Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday whereby she lifts weights the cover every one of her significant muscle groups. She will certainly lift the most weight the she have the right to handle and also still regulate her form. Her setup is to carry out seven repetitions and three set of each exercise. What would certainly be the outcomes after Maggie participated in this exercise for more than 6 months?
If we wanted to to compare muscular endurance in between a very big person and also a very small person, what method would it is in the BEST method to use?
Marcel and also Jose lifted 50 pounds as countless times as they could. Marcel could lift the weight 25 times. Jose might lift the weight 30 times. Marcel and also Jose have the right to conclude that __________.
D. Weight training overloads muscles, which reasons the body to answers by making muscle fibers larger
If you desire to rise your muscular endurance, which workout would be best suited to aid you reach your goals?
C. A practice that uses three sets of 15 repetitions and works every muscle group four times a week, treating every other day together a rest day.
Lisa and Rachel want to recognize their muscular endurance, however they don"t have accessibility to a gym or any type of weight-lifting equipment. What can they use?
If you had a 30-pound barbell in ~ home and you want to compare her muscular endurance to your younger brother"s, which technique would be the finest to use?
When plan a workout because that muscular endurance, you"ll need fewer workouts come reach her goal if you perform compound exercises.TRUE OR FALSE
Martina wants to boost her strength in she lower and also upper human body to help her in her new waitressing job. Right now, Martina elevator weights when a week and also includes exercises that work-related out all muscle groups. Which readjust in she workout would certainly be ideal to assist her accomplish her goals?
making certain there is variety, at least 48 hours of remainder for details muscle groups, and also that every target group gets a workout three times a week
Which the the adhering to methods is the most reliable in determining muscular strength if you execute not desire to worry around selecting the not correct weight?

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