By the finish of this section, girlfriend will:Explain the similarities and also differences in between the political parties throughout the Gilded Age

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Use this Narrative v the Were metropolitan Bosses Essential organization Providers or corruption Politicians? Point-Counterpoint and the Cartoon Analysis: thomas Nast takes on “Boss Tweed”, 1871 Primary resource to provide a full picture of political machines and also their partnership with immigrants.

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New York was a teeming location after the polite War. The city’s unpaved streets were strewn through trash thrown native windows and horse manure from pets pulling carriages. Black color smoke clogged the air, wafted from the burn coal and wood that heated homes and powered factories. Conditions like cholera and tuberculosis flourished in the unhealthy environment. An ext than one million human being were crowded right into the city; plenty of in dilapidated tenements. Poverty, illiteracy, crime, and also vice to be rampant problems for the poor, and also for the Irish and also German immigrant who consisted of almost fifty percent the population. The city government readily available a very couple of basic services to alleviate the suffering, and also churches and private charities were often overwhelmed by the need. One politician uncovered how to carry out these services and get other in return.

William Magear “Boss” Tweed to be the kid of a furniture maker. From very early age, Tweed uncovered he had a knack because that politics, through his imposing figure and charisma. That soon began serving in local brand-new York City politics offices and was elected alderman for the saturday Ward, involvement the so-called 40 thef who represented the city wards. He served a frustrating hatchet in Congress during the sectional tensions of the 1850s and also then happily went back to regional politics, wherein he thought the action was. That quickly ended up being one that the leading political leaders in new York City, and one the the many corrupt.


Tweed’s election manipulations were fine known, v intimidation tactics keeping the ballot counts under the Tweed Ring’s control.

Although boss Tweed and also Tammany Hall involved in corruption politics, they undoubtedly aided the immigrants and poor that the city in numerous ways. Thousands of recent immigrants in new York were naturalized as American citizens and also adult men had actually the right to vote. Because new York City, like other significant urban areas, frequently lacked an easy services, the Tweed Ring detailed these for the price of a vote, or numerous votes. Tweed made sure the immigrants had jobs, uncovered a location to live, had enough food, received medical care, and also even had enough coal money to warm their apartments during the cold that winter. In addition, he added millions of dollars to the establishments that benefited and cared because that the immigrants, such as their community churches and also synagogues, Catholic schools, hospitals, orphanages, and also charities. When dilapidated tenement structures burned down, ring members followed the firetrucks to ensure that families had a place to stay and also food to eat. Immigrant in new York were grateful for the much-needed services from the city and private charities. The Tweed Ring seemed to be developing a healthier society, and in overwhelming numbers, immigrants happily voted for the Democrats who ran the city.

In the end, however, ceo Tweed’s greed to be too good and his exploitation was too brazen. The brand-new York time exposed the rampant corruption that his ring and also ran stories of the various frauds. Meanwhile, the periodical Harper’s Weekly ran the editorial cartoons of cutting board Nast, i beg your pardon lampooned the Tweed Ring for its illegal activities. Tweed to be actually more concerned around the cartoons than about the investigative stories, since many of his constituents were illiterate but understood the article of the drawings. He offered bribes to the editor that the new York times and to Nast to prevent their public criticisms, however neither accepted.

Boss Tweed to be arrested in October 1871 and indicted quickly thereafter. He was tried in 1873, and also after a hung jury in the very first trial, he was found guilty in a 2nd trial of more than 200 crimes including forgery and larceny. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison.


One of cutting board Nast’s cartoons, dubbed The Brains, suggested that ceo Tweed winner his elections many thanks to money, no brains.

While he remained in jail, Tweed was allowed to visit his family at home and also take meals through them when a few guards waited at his doorstep. He seized an possibility at one of these meals to escape in disguise across the Hudson to new Jersey, and then by watercraft to Florida, from there to Cuba, and finally to Spain. Due to the fact that Spain’s government wanted the United claims to finish its support for Cuban rebels, the agreed come cooperate v U.S. Authorities and also apprehend Tweed. Aided through Nast’s cartoons in obtaining at the very least a nearby approximation that Tweed’s appearance, Spanish law enforcement recognized and also arrested him and returned him come the united States. V his health broken and couple of remaining supporters, Tweed passed away in jail in 1878.

Watch this BRI Homework Help video clip on ceo Tweed because that a look at his rise and also fall and also how Tammany Hall influence Gilded Age brand-new York City.

Tammany Hall and the Tweed Ring are infamous models of Gilded age urban corruption. Political devices corruptly ran several significant cities transparent the united States, particularly in the Northeast and Midwest where millions of immigrants had actually settled. The devices may have detailed essential services for immigrants, however their corruption destroyed good government and civil society by undermining the dominance of law. By the early on twentieth century, gradual reformers had started to target the bosses and political devices to reform city government in the unified States.

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Review Questions

1. Before coming to be known as “Boss” Tweed, wilhelm Tweed offered briefly as

mayor of new York Citygovernor of brand-new Yorka member that Congresschair that the board of vote in brand-new York

2. Tammany Hall’s therapy of immigrants who lived in brand-new York City have the right to be best described as

leading the fight for nativismaiding immigrant with an easy servicesencouraging immigrant to live in ethnic enclaves in the cityproviding project training for expert laborers

3. Tammany Hall and also Boss Tweed were many closely connected with which politics party?


4. The Tweed Ring made many of the money indigenous graft. One significant example was

charging businesses money to protect them native crime bossesunfairly counting immigrantsinflating the cost of significant city jobs such as the courthouseinflating the tolls fee to overcome the Brooklyn Bridge

5. During the so late nineteenth century, thomas Nast was ideal known as

a political adversary of william Tweed’s who offered as branch of new Yorka movie critic of the Tweed Ring who released exposés about Boss Tweedan immigrant who was assisted by Tweed and went on to a successful political careera movie critic of Tweed who sketched political cartoons exposing his corruption

6. An event that moved William Tweed to a position of respect and much more power in new York City to be his

first effective election as mayor of new York in 1864success in restoring order after ~ the draft riots in 1863ability to authorize public works to benefit huge numbers of immigrantssuccess at giving comfortable real estate for lower-income families

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Explain the optimistic and an adverse effect that the Tweed Ring on new York City.Evaluate the impact of the political device on U.S. Urban in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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