In response to British control of Boston in 1775, colonistsagreed through the Intolerable Acts.consented come British rule.negotiated v the king.formed equipped militias.

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Which the the following events occurred on Lexington eco-friendly on April 19, 1775?British troops caught all colonial rebels, including minutemen.British troops and minutemen fired their tools at each other.Minutemen held a conference to discuss how to respond to British troops.British troops and also minutemen agreed to a truce after ~ the first shot to be fired.
Which the the following ideal explains why parliament repealed the rubber stamp Act in 1766?Parliament agreed with the colonists that the act was unfair.Colonial legislators to be threatening come impose their very own taxes.Colonists" boycotts the British items were hurting british trade.The British passed the Declaratory Act, which replaced it through a heavier tax.
When homesteaders boycotted British items under the stamp Act, theystole assets that were taxed.refused to participate in to buy stamps.sold products that to be taxed.refused to pass new tax laws.
What was the function of the rubber stamp Act the 1765?to raise revenue indigenous American coloniesto recognize if homesteaders were smugglingto offer Parliament the best to levying a taxto punish world who did not pay your taxes
How did the Massachusetts government Act the 1774 readjust the means Massachusetts was governed?It placed a military government in place.It developed the position of royal governor.It allow the colonists rule themselves. The prohibited psychological by jury.
Which that the complying with statements finest explains the significance of the battle of Lexington?The fight of Lexington finished the American Revolution.The fight of Lexington was the an initial battle the minutemen won.The fight of Lexington started the American Revolution.The battle of Lexington to be the last fight the minutemen won.
After the Boston Massacre, the nests organizedthe Townshend action to pay taxes to Britain.Committees of post to respond to cultivation disputes.the Boston Tea Party come celebrate the lifting that the tea tax.the Intolerable Acts come repay Britain for its duty in the events of 1770.
Which that the following finest describes the events of the Boston Massacre?Boston townspeople attacked and killed 5 British soldiers.Boston soldiers attacked and killed five Boston townspeople.British soldiers attacked Boston townspeople, who shot five soldiers.Boston townspeople attacked British soldiers, who shot five colonists.
Which the the complying with is a true statement around the Boston Massacre?It brought about the repeal that the stamp Act.It had no affect on the colonies.It came to be a rallying point for anti-French feeling.It became a rallying suggest for anti-British feeling.
The early american message the British troops were on their means to Concord top top April 18, 1775, was ceded byPaul Revere.Samuel Prescott.William Dawes.Samuel Adams.
Which of the following best explains why the stamp Act that 1765 was significant?It was the very first direct tax applied on American colonists.It was the very first indirect tax imposed on American colonists.It was the last taxes Parliament imposed before the Revolution.It to be the last taxation Parliament imposed before ending all taxes.
Which of the following best explains why parliament repealed the stamp Act in 1766?Parliament agreed v the homesteaders that the act was unfair.Colonial legislators to be threatening come impose their very own taxes.Colonists" boycotts the British items were hurting british trade.The British pass the Declaratory Act, which changed it with a heavier tax.
In 1765, Britain"s conference passed a taxation on colonial newspapers and pamphlets referred to as theSugar Act.Stamp Act.Townshend Acts.Quartering Act.

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Why were the Intolerable action passed?to progressive revenue for the brothers governmentto declare that Parliament might levy taxesto provide Britain more control end the coloniesto to decrease tension in between colonists and Britain
Which event occurred in Concord during April that 1775?British troops retreated from the fierce fighting through minutemen.British troops captured all of the colonists" ammunition.Minutemen retract from fierce fighting through British troops.Minutemen went into hiding after ~ British troops arrived.

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