The architecture activity vital question, "What internal structure because that each applications component will ensure reliable construction..." is component of which architecture activity?​ ​Describe the environment ​Design the user interface ​Design the software classes ​Design the applications components

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A storyboard is advantageous for what?​ ​Design the the software application classes ​Requirements meaning ​Describing the user atmosphere ​Design the the user interface
Which of the adhering to is NOT considered an evaluation model?​ ​State device diagram ​User interface screen layouts ​Class diagram ​Activity diagram
According come an Agile repeat development process in i beg your pardon iteration would certainly implementation activities normally start?​ ​Second iteration ​First iteration ​Pre-project tasks ​Sometime ~ the first iteration
Which that the complying with really is both an evaluation (discovery) and also a design procedure (solution).​ ​System interface architecture ​User interface design ​Database style ​Environment design
When explicate the interfaces to outside systems, i m sorry is not one of the essential issues?​ ​Error managing ​Programming languages ​Network addresses ​Message formats
Build or buy questions are usually addressed during which architecture activity?​ ​Design the database ​Describe the environment ​Design the software program classes ​Design the applications components
Which of the following is NOT considered a design model? ​Activity chart ​Sequence chart ​Package diagram ​User interface display screen layouts
What is the name of the manage mechanism that is provided to ensure the all essential information for a transaction has been entered?​ ​Completeness regulate ​Total regulate ​Comprehensive manage ​Secure control
Which that the following can be classified as privileged users?​ ​Technical users and also security personnel ​System operators and clerks ​Administrators and also accountants ​System programmers, applications programmers, and system administrators
A deployment diagram is most helpful for which architecture activity?​ ​Designing the user user interface ​Describing the atmosphere ​Designing software program classes ​Designing applications components
An integrity regulate that verifies the data in one field versus the data in other fields is referred to as a ____ control.​ ​value ​completeness ​data validation ​field combination
What are two vital elements of explicate the environment?​ ​External systems and an innovation architecture ​Hardware configuration and DBMS"s Programming language and also operating system atmosphere ​Communication protocols and also security methods
The domain model is always used as an input come which architecture activity?​ ​Application Component architecture ​User Interface architecture ​Database design ​Security and controls design
What is the surname of a general control method used to ensure that entered data is correct?​ ​Data validation manage ​Data access control ​Data acceptance manage ​Data completeness control
Which is no a model normally developed as part of applications component design?​ ​design class diagram ​component chart ​deployment chart ​package diagram
Using digital signatures is mainly a an approach to ____.​ ​digitize (scan) a signed record ​verifying who sent a record ​electronically send a signature ​allow for remote signatures on main documents
A user who has actually special protection and accessibility to a system, such as the appropriate to assign passwords, is dubbed a ____.​ ​privileged user ​supervisor user ​technical user ​database administrator
Three types of users that are thought about in the design of a security system are ____.​ ​supervisor user, management user, and also operational user ​technical user, authorized user, and also privileged user ​manager user, technological user, and clerical user ​unauthorized user, registered user, and privileged user
Which the the complying with is not a factor that influence the danger of fraud?​ ​Monitoring ​Separation that duties ​Authorization of users ​Asset reconciliation
Software approaches are usually figured out in which design model?​ ​State-machine diagram ​System succession diagram ​Design course diagram ​Deployment diagram
Which of the complying with is a form of version used in user interface design?​ ​System succession diagram ​Communication diagram ​Class chart ​Activity Diagram
Which of the adhering to is not among the design tasks included in the style System materials core process?​ ​Describe the atmosphere ​Design the user user interface ​Design the software methods ​Design the protection controls
What is a control that check the worth of a field to ensure that it is in ~ the correct range?​ ​Completeness manage ​Answer regulate ​Value limit regulate ​High-low control
The design activity key question, "How will this system interact with other systems..." is part of which design activity?​ ​Design the application contents ​Design the interfaces ​Design security controls ​Describe the environment
Which is no an objective of integrity controls?​ ​Ensure a secure functioning operating setting ​Protect the assets of the company ​Ensure the transactions room recorded fully ​Allow just valid company transactions
which design activity that pervades every other design activities?​ ​Security and also controls design ​Interface style ​Database style ​Environment design
Limiting user accessibility to the mechanism is thought about what kind of design activity?​ ​Security and also controls style ​User interface architecture ​Describing the atmosphere ​Application components design

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