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New Mexico True Certified Resources

Program Architecture 

Eligibility requirements (as comprehensive within the Overview and summarized below)

Licensed brand-new Mexico companies whose products are one of two people 100% make or Grown in new Mexico.

Brand Representation 

Logo label and also other collateral needs

​Stixon LabelsDonna Sanchez505-883-0081Donna

NM True Certified logo design stickers accessible in 2 sizes starting from $18/roll the 1,000

Agricultural Product Reference/Registration

New Mexico department of Agriculture

Pull back the curtain and show united state your stuff!

These days, travelers crave distinctive experiences. The "live favor a local” trend, inspiring us to select lodging, dining and also shopping choices off-the-beaten-path is, in part, sustained by ours desire to affix with community. In an effort to accomplish this craving, we look for authentic experience with amazing people. Luckily, the floor of enchantment is complete of creative folks, many of whom are brand-new Mexico True Certified. You understand how society and cuisine collide, you're making whatever from biscochitos and beer to jewelry and pottery. Ours network of growers and makers is well positioned to capitalize on these trends, introducing much more people come our unique products.

We invite our partners to submit immersive activities that we deserve to pin to our Tales, tours & Tastings map of visitor experiences. We every love to emergence behind the curtain so walk ahead, pull it earlier and show your stuff! even if the earlier room is a mess, even if your processing plant smells funny, even if people have to put on safety goggles and hair nets – show it all. Let them hear around your challenges; share an ashamed story indigenous the beforehand days. I promise, they’ll love it, particularly if friend send castle off with a memento of your visit, it is in it a tasty treat, a lock that alpaca hair or simple sticker. Better yet, end your tour or task in your gift shop – ~ all, to buy is the #1 activity people execute on vacation!

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Adventure that Feeds the Soul

Planning an unforgettable experience in new Mexico is straightforward with a cost-free New Mexico Adventure Guide. Watch the guide online, or request to have actually one sent out to you.