1. When people from different cultures come with each other to communicate, their messages room guided by and reflect their an essential values. Which of the adhering to statements is no true regarding values?

Values are ideas that have ultimate and also long-term significance.Values cause positive or an unfavorable judgment of social behaviours.Values reflect the relationship between human and also language.Values tell united state what is best or what is wrong.

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2. The outlook that a society has worrying the nature the the universe, the nature that humankind, the relationship between humanity and also the universe, and also other philosophical concerns defining humans’ place in the cosmos is described as ______.


3. Confucian work dynamism, a dimension of culture identified by Hofstede and also Bond, is likewise known as irreversible versus short-lived orientation. I beg your pardon of the adhering to does short term orientation encourage?

thrift and also savingsinterdependencekeeping up with social pressureindirect communication style

4. Hofstede’s cultural dimensions are concerned each other. A culture that has actually greater degree of strength distance is likewise likely to it is in ______.

collectivist and short-term orientedindividualist and also feminineindividualist and long-term orientedcollectivist and of high skepticism avoidance

5. Which of the complying with is an ext likely come be described as a mrs culture?

Men and women have similar roles.Men and also women have actually distinct, different roles.Men and women have actually arbitrarily assigned social roles.Men and women have overlapping roles.

6. French thinker Michel Foucault proposed the theory of power. I beg your pardon of the adhering to is no an assumption of this theory?

Social pecking order are constantly present in communication interactions.Power is fixed, hosted by one person and also used against another.Those who room subjects of strength often uncover ways to withstand power.Institutional bodies embody and also sustain power relations.

7. Which of the adhering to is among Schwartz’s cultural value types?


8. I m sorry of the complying with statements ideal describes a polychromic time orientation?

Time is cyclical; one task is performed throughout each time segment.Time is linear; one task is performed throughout each time segment.Time is cyclical; lot of tasks deserve to be perform simultaneously.Time is linear; many tasks deserve to be perform simultaneously.

9. Which of the complying with statements is truce around individualistic cultures?

People are motivated to take duty as individuals.Marriage is considered as family members alliances.Individuals subordinate an individual needs to their ingroup.People are an ext caring for each other.

10. Which of the following principles is NOT one of the six spheres in Condon and also Yousef’s value orientation model?

naturethe supernaturalthe collectivitythe self

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