Which of the adhering to churches contains an excellent examples the the use of ribbed vaulting?

Durham Cathedral St. Etienne

What shape are the pilgrimage churches?

a cross narrow in length a crucifix

What is a expedition church?

A church commonly visited because of the relics the saints. A church whereby pilgrims would certainly worship.

Which of these does not usage ribbed vaulting in its design?

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Which of these creates is a common feature in Romanesque architecture?


Which of these could you check out on a cathedral from the Romanesque period?

twin towers

Why walk the expedition churches undergo big scale structure projects?

to accommodate the rising variety of visitors

Which is the best meaning of the term Romanesque?

art and architecture in the roman manner from the 11th and also 12th century in Europe

What church consists of the image shown below?

San Clement

Which the these was an experimental type of Romanesque architecture?

ribbed vaults

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