The reaction that gives the very first ionization power of Oxygen is the one which shows the removed of the outermost electron indigenous the neutral oxygen atom. The removed of the outermost electron results in the formation of a hopeful oxygen ion. Hence the exactly answer because that the inquiry is the choice that satisfies these requirements.

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This question deals with the ionization energy and successive ionization energy. Ionization energy is defined as:

The amount of power required to remove the many loosely bound electron native an isolated gaseous atom to type a gaseous ion is called the ionization enthalpy or ionization energy of that atom.

The aspects follow a continuous trend once we look at the values of Ionization Energy.

Equations for successive Ionization energy of Oxygen

O (g) + IE1 → O+ (g) + e-
O+ (g) + IE2 → O2+ (g) + e-
O2+ (g) + IE3 → O3+ (g) + e-
From the above equations we deserve to see how ionization adjust of charge in Oxygen bring away place. The three equations are for the first, 2nd and third ionization that Oxygen, respectively.

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Oxygen ion is steady in the Dipositive ion state. Therefore it additional undergoes 2nd ionization power reaction. Which in turn results in the stable O2+ state that Oxygen. 
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