Which statement around ATP is true? A) The synthetic of ATP is an energy-neutral reaction. B) The hydrolysis of ATP to ADP and also Pi is an exergonic reaction. C) The phosphate bond energy of ATP is provided to strength catabolic metabolism. D) ATP is a structure block that protein. E) The phosphate bond energy of ATP might be transformed right into the energy in a magnetic field.

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Reagents, such together dinitrophenol, increase the permeability that the mitochondrial inner membrane to protons. The addition of dinitrophenol come a suspension of animal cells should, end the short term, A) to decrease the rate of oxidation the NADH. B) inhibit mitochondrial ATP synthesis. C) increase lactic mountain production. D) decrease the price of pyruvate oxidation. E) stimulate ATP synthesis by mitochondria.
The mitochondrial ATP synthase A) is an totally integral membrane protein. B) couples the synthesis of ATP to the flow of protons throughout the inside membrane native the mitochondrial matrix to the intermembrane space. C) is a dissolve protein located in the mitochondrial matrix. D) makes ATP in ~ the price of the proton gradient developed by electron transport. E) generally hydrolyzes ATP to establish a proton gradient.
The mitochondrial electron carry chain A) is the website of most of the reaction of the citric mountain cycle. B) synthesizes ATP. C) pumps protons right into the mitochondrial matrix during electron transport. D) oxidizes water come ½ O2 and 2 H+. E) oxidizes the intermediate electron carriers, NADH and also FADH2.
Glycolysis A) is the switch of glucose to 2 molecules that lactate. B) is an endergonic reaction. C) outcomes in the net consumption of ATP. D) is an oxidation-reduction process. E) releases carbon dioxide.
The end assets of glycolysis are A) pyruvate, ATP, and also NADH. B) pyruvate, ATP, and also NAD+. C) acetyl CoA, ATP, and also NAD+. D) pyruvate. E) acetyl CoA, ATP, and NADH.
In the complete oxidation the glucose, 6 CO2 molecules are developed per glucose molecule oxidized. Indigenous the perform below, choose the correct numbers of CO2 molecules released by glycolysis (Gly), the citric acid cycle (CAC), and pyruvate oxidation (Pyr). A) Gly 1; CAC 3; Pyr 2 B) Gly 0; CAC 4; Pyr 2 C) Gly 1; CAC 4; Pyr 1 D) Gly 2; CAC 2; Pyr 2 E) Gly 0; CAC 6; Pyr 0
Which statement around the citric mountain cycle is true? A) the releases less power than glycolysis. B) CO2 is soaked up during procedure of the cycle. C) the takes location in the mitochondrial outer membrane. D) It requires NAD+ and also FAD. E) the operates under anaerobic conditions.
Fermentation A) results in the formation of lactic acid or ethanol. B) fully oxidizes glucose come CO2 and H2O. C) is not coupled come ATP synthesis. D) wake up under aerobic conditions in yeasts. E) is endergonic.
The ultimate resource of energy for ATP synthesis in chloroplastic is A) electron transport. B) the electrochemical proton gradient. C) light. D) energized chlorophylls. E) NADPH.
Which statement finest characterizes the nature of a photosystem? A) A photosystem is composed of antennae colors only. B) Photosystems perform not save on computer proteins. C) A photosystem consists of reaction center chlorophylls only. D) there is just one photosystem in green plants. E) A photosystem is a complicated of pigments, proteins, and also reaction center chlorophyll.
The immediate resource of power for ATP synthetic in chloroplastic is A) electron transport. B) the electrochemical proton gradient. C) light. D) energized chlorophylls. E) NADPH.
During photosynthesis in green plants, water is A) oxidized come O2 in the light. B) diminished to hydrogen gas. C) used to hydrolyze ATP. D) oxidized come O2 in the dark. E) one electron acceptor
In photosynthesis, NADPH is offered for the A) palliation of O2 come water. B) synthesis of ATP. C) rejuvenation phase of the Calvin cycle. D) formation of 3-phosphoglycerate (3PG). E) reduction of 3-phosphoglycerate (3PG).

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The significant product the photosynthesis that is exported from the pipeline to the remainder of the tree is/are A) glucose. B) amino acids. C) starch. D) sucrose. E) nucleotides.