you will require to know the general reasons of people War I, including just how political alliances, imperialist policies, nationalism, and militarism each generated problem in world War I. Girlfriend will need to recognize the reasons for United states involvement in human being War I and also how involvement in the battle was justification to the American public. Girlfriend will require to recognize the cause-and-effect relationships that led to American intervention in human being War I. You will require to know the significant events and issues that influenced the home front. You will require to recognize the role of an innovation and/or the ide of full war in world War I. Girlfriend will require to recognize the far-reaching individuals and also their role in army and/or political management during human being War I. Friend will require to know the dichotomy between the Fourteen Points and also the contract of Versailles, which caused the fail of United says support because that the organization of Nations. Girlfriend will need to understand the quick and/or permanent social, political, and/or economic after-effects of human being War i for the joined States and America’s function in international relations in the post-war period.

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Terms to recognize include, yet are not restricted to:African american in world War I, armistice, big Four, entangling alliances, Espionage Act, Fourteen Points, hispanics in world War I, residence front,imperialism, league of Nations, Lusitania, militarism, new technology in people War I, propaganda, reparations, Selective business Act, Sussex Pledge, trench warfare, unrestricted submarine warfare, contract of Versailles, war bonds, ladies in human being War I, Zimmermann Telegram.

A significant purpose of president Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen clues (1918) to be toa. Ask conference to enter world War Ib. Collection goals for achieving peace after human being War Ic. Administer an aid program because that rebuilding war-torn nationsd. Retaliate because that the sinking that the Lusitania


We intend to begin on the first of February unrestricted submarine warfare. Us shall endeavor in spite of this to save the United states of America neutral. In the occasion of this no succeeding, us make Mexico a proposal that alliance ~ above the complying with basis: make battle together, make peace together, generous financial support and also an understanding on our part that Mexico is to reconquer the lost territory in Texas, new Mexico, and Arizona. The settlement in information is left to you.…— Telegram of January 19, 1917

This telegram was component of an initiative toa. Kind an alliance in between Germany and also the united Statesb. Convince several western states to secede native the unified Statesc. Carry Mexico into human being War i on the side of good Britain and Franced. Enlist Mexican support for Germany if the united States declared war


Publication that this telegram in United claims newspapers helped toa. Reelect Woodrow Wilson together presidentb. Convince the American public to support entrance into people War Ic. Encourage conference to pass neutrality legislationd. Provide statehood to Arizona and new Mexico


Henry Cabot Lodge and also other senators opposed ratification that the treaty of Versailles (1919) because they thought the treatya. Failed to punish Germany for its involvement in people War Ib. To exclude, reparations because that European alliesc. Might draw the joined States right into future conflictsd. Placed blame for world War i on all the warring countries


The United claims tried to prevent involvement in human being War i by following a policy ofa. Neutralityb. Cumulative securityc. Economic boycottsd. Armed forces preparedness


The key reason for the raised migration of afri Americans out of the rural south during and also following world War i was thea. Accessibility of cheap farmland in the Westb. Chance for factory jobs in the Northc. Possibility to escape gyeongju segregation by involvement the militaryd. Removed of the Ku Klux Klan in the north states


The newspaper headline below describes a significant event in U.S. Foreign affairs.DAILY NEWS– might 7, 1915 –LUSITANIA SUNK: end ONE hundreds AMERICANS shed AT SEAHow walk this event contribute to the unified States’ entrance into world War I?A. It furthered anti-government protests in the unified States.B. It motivated anti-immigration campaigns in the joined States.C. It ended up being necessary because that President Wilson to suggest a plan for peace.D. That became daunting for chairman Wilson to defend a plan of neutrality.


Use the pie graph below and your knowledge of U.S. Background to price the complying with question.


Which that the adhering to reasons best accounts for the percent of U.S. Deaths in relationship to various other countries’ percentage.

A. The U.S. Entered the war early and therefore competent a great number the deaths ~ above the battlefield.

B. The U.S. Proficient a large number of inadvertently deaths which contributed to a high percentage of deaths.

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C. The U.S. Gotten in the war late and therefore experienced a low number of deaths ~ above the battlefield.

D. The U.S. Had a huge number of men volunteer to fight alongside Russia, which expected that they were counted as part of Russia’s percentage of deaths.


Which the the following was no a reason of human being War I?

A. Nationalism

B. Imperialism

C. Militarism

D. Socialism


In 1914 which of the complying with Florida areas was chosen by the United says Navy together the vision of the very first permanent naval waiting station due to the fact that the climate enabled for year-round flying?