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Term actinic keratosis
Definition Precancerous skin growth that occurs on sun-damaged skin. Often looks prefer a red scaly patch and feels favor sandpaper.
Term albinism
Definition hereditary condition identified by a deficiency or absence of pigment in the skin, hair, and also irises of the eyes*Result of a missing enzyme that is nessecary for the production of melanin
Term alopecia
Definition (baldness) the partial or complete loss of hair, most prevalent on the scalp
Term blepharoplasty
Definition (lid lift) the surgical reduction of the upper and lower eyelids by removing excess fat, skin, and also muscle
Term bulla
Definition a huge blister, much less than .5 cm in diameter, containing a watery fluid
Term carbuncle
Definition a cluster of associated furuncles (boils)
Term cellulitis
Definition acute, swiftly spreading infection within the connective tworries that is identified by malaise (basic discomfort), swelling, warmth, and also red streaks
Term chloasma
Definition pigmentation disorder identified by brownish spots on the face*Can happen in the time of pregnancy, commonly disshows up after delivery
Term cicatrix
Definition a normal svehicle resulting from the healing of a wound
Term comedo
Definition a noninfected lesion developed by the buildup of sebum and also keratin in a hair follicle*Often linked through acne, once exposed to air, becomes a blackhead
Term debridement
Definition the removal of dirt, international objects, damaged tconcern, and cellular debris from a wound to proccasion infection and also to promote healing
Term dermatitis
Definition an inflammation of the skin
Term diaphoresis
Definition profuse sweating*Normal problem brought on by warmth, exertion, or emotional or physical distress
Term dysplastic nevi
Definition atypical moles that have the right to build into skin cancer
Term ecchymosis
Definition (bruise) large, irconsistent location of purplish discoloration as a result of bleeding under the skin
Term eczema
Definition a form of persistent or recurring dermatitis that is typically characterized by redness, itching, and dryness, through possible blistering, cracking, oozing, or bleeding
Term erythema
Definition redness of the skin due to capillary dilation
Term erythroderma
Definition abnormal redness of the entire skin surface
Term exfoliative dermatitis
Definition condtition in which tright here is widespreview scaling of the skin, frequently with pruritus, erythroderma and also hair loss
Term folliculitis
Definition an inflammation of the hair follicles*specifically prevalent on the limbs and also in the beard location of men
Term furuncles
Definition (boils) big, tender, swollen areas brought about by staphylococcal infection approximately hair follicles or sebaceous gands
Term granuloma
Definition basic term used to define tiny, knot-choose swelling of granulation tconcern in the epidermis
Term hematoma
Definition A swelling of clotted blood trapped in the tissues*Body commonly resorbs this blood
Term hirstutism
Definition the visibility of excessive body and facial hair in woguys, usually occuring in a male pattern
Term ichthyosis
Definition a group of hereditary disorders brought about by dry, thickened, and also scaly skin
Term impetigo
Definition highly contagious bacterial skin infection that frequently occurs in children
Term keloid
Definition an abusually elevated or thickened sautomobile that increases beyond the borders of the incision
Term keratosis
Definition any kind of skin growth, such as a wart or callus, in which there is overexpansion and also thickening of the skin
Term koilonychia
Definition (spoon nail) a maldevelopment of the nails in which the external surconfront is concave or scooped out favor the bowl of a spoon
Term lipedema
Definition (painful fat syndrome) a chronic abnormal condition that is defined by the buildup of fat and also fluid in the tproblems simply under the skin of the hips and legs
Term lipoma
Definition benign, slow-flourishing fatty tumor located between the skin and the muscle layer
Term lupus erythematosus
Definition autoimmune disorder identified by a red, scaly rash on the confront and upper trunk
Term macule
Definition discolored, level spot that is less than 1 cm in diameter*Freckles, flat moles
Term malignant melanoma
Definition a kind of skin cancer that occurs in the melanocytes*Most major kind of skin cancer
Term miliaria
Definition (warm rash) an vigorously itchy rash resulted in by blockage of the sweat glands by bacteria and dead cells
Term necrotizing faciitis
Definition serious infection resulted in by Group A strep bacteria*Normally live harmlessly on the skin; if they enter the body a severe infection deserve to occur, CAN be fatal
Term onychocryptosis
Definition (ingrvery own toenail) the edges of the toenail, commonly on the substantial toe, curve inward and reduced into the skin*Prone to inflammation or infection
Term onychomycosis
Definition Fungal infection of the nail
Term papilloma
Definition benign, superficial wart-choose growth on the epithelial tconcern or somewhere else on the body, such as in the bladder
Term papule
Definition little, elevated red lesion that is less than .5 cm in diameter and also does not contain pus
Term paronychia
Definition an acute or chronic infection of the skin fold about a nail
Term pediculosis
Definition an infestation through LICE*Nits (eggs) need to be damaged in order to remove the infestation
Term petechiae
Definition extremely tiny, pinpoint hemorrheras that are much less than 2 mm in diameter
Term pruritus
Definition (itching) associated with most creates of dermatitis
Term psoriasis
Definition prevalent skin disorder characteried by flare-ups in which red papules covered through silincredibly scales take place on the elbows, knees, scalp, earlier, or buttocks
Term purpura
Definition the appearance of multiple purple discolorations on the skin resulted in by bleeding underneath the skin
Term purulent
Definition creating or containing pus
Term rhytidectomy
Definition (facelift) the surgical removal of excess skin and fat approximately the face to remove wrinkles
Term rosacea
Definition (adult acne) identified by tiny red pimples and also broken blood vessels
Term scabies
Definition skin infection caused by an infestation with the itch mite, which causes small, itchy bumps and blisters because of tiny mites that burrow right into the top layer of human skin to lay their eggs
Term scleroderma
Definition autoimmune disorder in which the connective tissues become thickened and also hardened , leading to the skin to end up being difficult and swollen*Can additionally impact joints and organs
Term seborrhea
Definition the overtask of the sebaceous glands that results in the production of an extreme amount of sebum
Term squamous cell carcinoma
Definition originates as a malignant tumor of the scaly squamous cells of the epithelium; have the right to quickly spread to various other body systems as well
Term strawberry hemangioma
Definition soft, increased, dark-reddish-purple birthmark*Often resolve without treatment by age 5
Term tinea
Definition (ringworm) fungal infection that can thrive on the skin, hair, or nails
Term urticaria
Definition (hives) itchy wheals led to by an allergic reaction
Term verrucae
Definition (warts) tiny, tough skin lesions resulted in by human papilloma virus
Term vitiligo
Definition skin condition resulting from the devastation of the melanocytes because of unknown causes*Characterized by irconstant patches of white skin
Term wheal
Definition (welt) tiny bump that itches
Term xeroderma
Definition excessively dry skin