Burning sage, or smudging has actually been offered for century by native peoples, and the exercise is acquiring a lot of popularity today — for good reason.

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From purifying the air through its reassuring aroma, and dispelling an adverse vibes, to supporting mindfulness meditation and cleansing crystals, smudging with sage is a powerful practice with countless benefits.

The many common type of sage supplied for smudging is white sage, which has a pale white hue, and also emits a strong aroma when burned. Blue sage is much less common, however that doesn’t make it less powerful!

Blue sage has actually a milder reassuring scent and its own distinct healing properties, the you need to not miss out on.

In this post, we’ll cover what blue sage is provided for, just how to use a sage smudge stick, and also explore blue sage services for healing, abundance and prosperity.

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What is Blue Sage?


Blue sage is typically known as “Grandmother Sage,” and also is a relative come white sage, that you could be much more familiar with.

It is a purifying and cleansing herb, uncovered as a hardy shrub in the Southwestern says of the USA. The herb is referred to as blue sage as result of its bright blue flowers, and thin leaves, which likewise have a bluish tint to them.

When dried and also burned, the leaves emit a wonderfully soft floral aroma, close come what lavender smells like, make blue sage perfect for energy work, healing, meditation, or simply enjoying the beautiful aroma, as it diffuses in her space!

Blue Sage vs White Sage


You might be wondering what the difference is between blue sage vs white sage? Both blue sage and white sage are terrific choices, and also offer distinct benefits.

Blue sage is often used because that abundance rituals, money spells and prosperity affirmations together it is believed to tempt wealth and also success.

White sage, is an excellent for dispelling an unfavorable energy and purifying a space.

In regards to aroma, numerous find blue sage come be less overpowering v a milder, “cooler” scent than white sage.

Many people also prefer blue sage together an alternate to white sage out of respect to aboriginal American and Indigenous tribes, who think about white sage to be sacred.

That is why it is essential to make sure that smudging, or burn sage, is done v respect and venerates old customs, particularly as the exercise becomes more mainstream.

When looking in ~ blue sage vs white sage, both space pretty much similar. We very recommend trying both to see which one you choose best!

What is Blue Sage offered for?


Blue sage is good for purification and also spiritual cleansing rituals. The milder than white sage, v a floral, herbaceous aroma. If you uncover white sage a bit overpowering, this is the sage for you.

Below, are several of the ways you can use both blue sage and also white sage:

Healing and also sacred clearingRemoving an adverse energies and vibesAir purificationMeditation aidCreating a spiritual spaceAromatherapyCleansing crystals and objectsDriving far malevolent spiritsExorcism rituals

Sage is obtainable in bundles known as smudge sticks, which renders it very easy to readily use appropriate away, to gain its amazing healing benefits and also medicinal properties.

Blue Sage Benefits


It is believed that setting a clear intention while smudging v blue sage can attract health, healing, prosperity and also abundance in your life.

Blue sage is likewise most regularly used because that clearing an adverse energies and also banishing malevolent spirituality entities.

Inhaling the healing aroma, serves as medicine because that the soul and also has many benefits and also healing properties.

Listed listed below are several of the services of blue sage:

Dispels an adverse energy: lot like white sage, blue sage is also great for cleansing and also dispelling an unfavorable energy and also vibes indigenous a space, things and from yourselfAttracts success: Blue sage is believed to tempt wealth and also abundance and is regularly used in prosperity-related ritualsBoosts spirituality protection: A an effective herb, blue sage is provided in exorcism and banishing rituals together it gives spiritual stamin to help remove malevolent spirituality energiesSubstitute to white sage: A gentler alternate to the potent odor of white sage, some choose blue sage as result of its floral, calming aromaNatural aromatherapy: with its divine, uplifting fragrance and also purifying properties, blue sage is much much better for naturally scenting your room than utilizing chemical-based smell sprays and air freshenersEnhances relaxation: The sweet aroma of blue sage has a calming, ground connection effect, helping to encourage relaxation and induce sleep

Regardless of exactly how you want to incorporate blue sage in your life, native purifying and dispelling negative vibes, to just enjoying its calm aroma, blue sage will have a grounding effect on you, and aid to create a sense of peace in your everyday life.

Using Blue Sage because that Smudging


Burning sage dates ago thousands the years, all the means to old Egypt’s fifth dynasty. The exercise of smudging has been documented in many different cultures because then, yet we have actually Native americans to thank for the modern-day smudging techniques we advantage from today.

Indigenous American tribes have actually used sage smudging as component of ceremonial spirituality practices and also rituals because that centuries — come cleanse and purify spaces, people and also objects of an unfavorable energies, and also to regain balance.

When come Smudge with Blue Sage

Smudging transforms a simple experience come a mystical one.

It can be defined as taking an invigorating energetic shower or act a deep energetic detox. You can smudge pretty lot anytime you great to, yet some ideal times include:

Anytime girlfriend move right into a brand-new home or apartmentWhen you begin something brand-new (a job, project, business)When friend feel certain emotions (anger, depression, fear)After an debate in the spaceAfter disease or fatality in the spaceBefore any form of energetic healing or spiritual ritualBefore and after you have guestsDuring times of stress, and also after a lengthy day at workAfter return from a vacation

How to usage a Blue Sage Smudge Stick


Light her smudge stick

Light your sage smudge stick end a heatproof bowl or abalone shell. Host the fire to that (using a lighter or matchstick) until it begins to smoke.

If a fire appears, just blow it off, or tenderness shake the stick, until all you check out is smoke. You may need to re-light your stick more than once depending on the length of her smudging ritual.

Smudge her body

Once the smudge stick starts to smoke nicely, use a feather or your hand come waft the acting over your body, from the feet to her head and also visa versa. As you execute this, visualize the exhilaration expelling far any an unfavorable energy from her body.

Smudge your space

After you have smudged yourself, start walking v your space. Straight the smoke with your hand or a feather into all the rooms, specifically taking keep in mind of doors and windows, passageways and also corners, where energy can stagnate.

Banish an adverse energies

To remove negative energies or spirituality entities, make sure to smudge in a counter-clockwise direction, and also keep a window open to direct the acting out. When you have actually done this, welcome in good vibes by relocating your smudge rod in a clockwise direction, to attract love, peace and positive energies!

Cleanse objects

You can likewise wave her blue sage smudge rod over any objects you wish to cleanse, such together crystals, jewelry and also more.

Crystals and gemstones deserve to absorb and accumulate an adverse energies, so the is essential to cleanse and also activate castle regularly. You’ll discover that as soon as your gemstones space cleared, they will certainly serve you lot better.

Blue Sage Smudge Prayer

Smudging v a concentrated intention is the crucial to manifesting what girlfriend want.

Saying an affirmation, incantation or a smudging prayer out loud or in her mind together you move through the space, have the right to really help to reinforce her intention.

Since blue sage attractive wealth, success and also abundance, the prayer listed below is perfect to attract prosperity!

Blue Sage Prayer to entice Prosperity

"Money, money involved me, In abundance 3 times three, might I be enriched in the ideal ways, Harming nobody on that is way, This ns accept, so more it be, lug me money three times three!"

We’ve additionally compiled a an extensive list the 20 Smudging Prayers because that Home, Healing, and also Protection that you deserve to use in your smudging practice.

When you’ve completed the smudging ritual, make sure to gently push your blue sage smudge stick in the heat-proof key or shell to placed it out. Never ever leave a burn stick unattended.

Where come Buy Blue Sage Smudge Sticks

You can buy blue sage smudge sticks at your regional metaphysical keep or you have the right to easily shop because that sage online.

However, there space a few points to store in mind prior to buying blue sage.


Make certain the blue sage girlfriend buy is not only top-quality yet ethically harvested and also sourced.

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Since intentionally is everything when it pertains to smudging, making use of sustainably-sourced blue sage will aid to attract the magnificent healing benefits you want to carry into her life.

Why select medtox.org Smudge Sticks:

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Key Takeaways

Smudging, or burning sage is an old spiritual ritual supplied for purification, energetic cleansing and also dispelling an adverse vibesAlthough white sage is typically used for smudging, blue sage is a soothing herb v a sweet, gentle aroma and offers the own distinctive benefitsNative come the Southwest, blue sage is thought to entice prosperity, and is regularly used for abundance rituals and also money spellsBlue sage help to boost spiritual strength, banish malevolent spirits, and also dispel an unfavorable energyIt is great aid to cultivating mindfulness, and benefiting from natural aromatherapyBlue sage can be provided to smudge a space, objects, yourself or come clear and activate crystals and jewelryIt is necessary to buy sage the is sustainably harvested and also sourced to tempt the divine healing services you want to bring into your life