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The speak of this poem is a male who questions the prestige of the walls we put up- both physical and also emotional. He starts the poem through the contemplation, “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall.” Here, he is introduce to the tendency of some sort of pressure of...

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The speaker of this poem is a guy who concerns the importance of the wall surfaces we put up- both physical and also emotional. He starts the poem through the contemplation, “Something there is the doesn’t love a wall.” Here, the is referring to the propensity of some sort of force of nature that causes the “frozen-ground” come “swell” (2) and also damage a wall, creating gaps in it. It appears that if this “something” is so established to understand the wall down, then maybe they are made come be torn down. In ~ the exact same time, probably the emotional walls people put up space meant to be torn down as well. The city turns right into a narrative of a time the the speaker and also his neighbor occupational to repair the gaps developed by “something.” all the while, the speaker marvels why they even need a wall if all they have to worry around crossing right into each other"s building are their pine and apple tree (24-25). The neighbor’s solution is that “‘good fences make an excellent neighbors (26)’” presumably since they assist to keep people out of every other’s business. This bothers the speaker due to the fact that he desires the neighbor to at the very least think about why walls are necessary, yet the speaker only repeats himself, solidifying his desire to store a wall between himself and the speaker and, thus, keep the emotional obstacle between the two.

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As the medtox.org overview (linked below) discusses, it have the right to be claimed that the writer of the poem, Robert Frost, is the speaker since they have plenty of similarities, but more likely Frost and also the speaker are two separate entities together Frost appears to be poking funny at or criticizing the speaker for being can not to see difficulties in his own thinking, namely, the he is simply as negative as the neighbor about putting increase walls and shouldn"t be so quick to judge.