A word-of-mouth phenomenon that"s transforming lives about the world—a journey into your true self and also amazing potential.Do you desire to change your life? Well, who states you can"t? A minute came in Daniel Chidiac"s life when he establish he wasn"t living his truth. His work didn"t satisfy him, his relationship hurt him, and he was making options that didn"t align with his true values. Yet he did have actually the capability to understand his very own purpose—a gift us all have—and therefore his journey began.Daniel studied the lives of an excellent achievers, search guidance from spiritual leaders, and also discovered the keys for shaping one"s own destiny. He used his an individual experience of changing his life to develop this powerful seven-step overview to finding out your true self, committing to your very own life, and also pushing beyond your well-known limits.Standing out for his incisive wisdom and also complete absence of gimmicks, Daniel Chidiac is an inspiring, insightful, and honest guide. His empowering system has spread organically, and it has already adjusted the resides of soldier of readers. With useful exercises and interactive tools, this publication challenges you come ask difficult questions and make life-changing decisions—and eventually guides you to the fulfillment you have actually been seeking. Gain ready to it is in intrigued, fascinated, and also amazed. No by this book, yet by your own power.

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Daniel Chidiac is a writer from Melbourne, Australia. That went ~ above a journey of self-discovery after coming to be awakened to his strength over his own life and also developed this regimen to share through others what he found inside himself. Who states You Can"t? You do was very first published in 2012 and became one Amazon bestseller in eight different countries. His writing has actually now reached numerous people around the world. He has a following of hundreds of thousands on Instagram. Uncover him online at danielchidiac.com and also Instagram.com/whosaysyoucantyoudo.

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"This is the ultimate publication for an individual growth. It helps you uncover clarity within you yourself regardless of whereby you are in life." —Torrey Smith, Philadelphia Eagles, Super bowl XLVII champion "Who says You Can’t? you Do provides clear and also actionable actions for developing a winner’s psychological state and ultimately come live a fuller and much more successful life. I highly recommend this book!" —Natalie Eva Marie, WWE agree wrestler and actress"Your publication made me make some tough decisions about friendship. The made me look at life in a much more peaceful way. I began the book with a lot of questions that i thought world would help me answer, however now ns realize I already have the answers to many of them within myself. I would certainly love to say thanks to you native the bottom of my heart because that sharing her knowledge! ns can’t define how lot it inspired me." —Nada, Copenhagen, Denmark"Thank friend for writing this hand-operated for life. I basically use it as a bible." —Kaleigh, Toronto, Canada"When i have challenging days I always turn earlier to her book and your words to placed me right ago on track." —Haley, Sydney, Australia"Your book has been crucial to my emotional growth and my gaue won growth. Thank you so much for the push due to the fact that since then ns have advanced quite a bit, and I don’t arrangement on slow down." —Luke, Buenos Aires, Argentina"You conserved my life."  —Jeanie, Georgia, USA