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What\"s the psychology behind civilization who hate tattoos? (generation, parent, marriage)
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I mean, castle don\"t influence anyone else but the human being who has actually the tattoo. Why do civilization feel compelled to judge other people on such an arbitrarily thing? Is it just garden-variety control-freakery? A desperate require to find a reason to referee someone? Dissatisfaction v their very own life? mystery jealousy? Peer pressure?Yep, that\"s mine Thursday morning molotov cocktail. Enjoy!
\"PERMANENT reminder of a short-lived feeling!\" - (Jimmy Buffett song) > > > ns am 62 & recognize several family members members & girlfriend my age or older that have got tattoos ( and also some piercings). I cannot think the one who has actually not expressed regret around having them. > alters in skin with age > \" in ink over time, etc.Around here, over there are work in which the tattoos/piercings should remain covered the whole time you room in the job. Why bother. AND, choose it or no, several of us oldsters come native a time once tattoos, etc., were an outward sign the a life of rebellion, tough living, etc. But...what do I know???? ns am just an old, un-tattooed person!!
Giving u a rep point because the location made me laugh.I have no problem whatsoever regarding tattoos.They\"re fun things, imo.I reap young people and all their piercings and also crazy hair gelatin stickingout like an alien...people in general are fun and interesting...Plus, I\"m as well self absorbed to give my assumed time to anyone else.Ha!Edit: Sorry, u asked about the psy. That tattoo haters....people that have not gone within to find happiness look exterior to many anything to proceed the bike of discontent...if that is not tattoos....it\"s the damn plug in the wall that is in the not correct place....it\"s always somethin...
\"PERMANENT reminder that a short-lived feeling!\" - (Jimmy Buffett song) > > > ns am 62 & know several household members & friend my period or older that have acquired tattoos ( and also some piercings). Ns cannot think that one who has not express regret about having them. > alters in skin with period > \" in ink over time, etc.Around here, there are work in i beg your pardon the tattoos/piercings must remain extended the whole time you room in the job. Why bother. AND, choose it or no, several of us oldsters come native a time when tattoos, etc., were an external sign of a life of rebellion, hard living, etc. But...what carry out I know???? i am simply an old, un-tattooed person!!

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I recognize of a couple of people end 60 that have them and also do no regret them. Many of the huge corporations and also fortune 500 providers I occupational for have executives and also Managers v visible tattoos. It\"s definitely changing.But i think people are still clinging to old stereotypes where only certain species of civilization got them. As much as the psychology behind it. Hard to say. I think people have this natural inclination to try and phone call other\"s exactly how to live their lives. This goes method beyond tattoos however I believe it drops in to the same area. I can\"t relate, since I\"m no wired that way, but people waste so much power trying to to convince others to choose what lock like and live favor they live. It\"s like the gay marriage thing. Over there is no logical factor for us hetero\"s to be against it. It has zero effect on us. Yet so many hetero\"s are fighting fiercely to save gays from getting married. Why? Just due to the fact that you don\"t agree through it or like it? Religion, alcohol, marijuana, you surname it. Conservatives used to gain violent through hippies in the 60\"s just because they didn\"t agree with their lifestyle or philosphy. Anti-aboritionist blowing increase clinics and trying to death the Doctors. It\"s hypocritical and also yet castle can\"t view it. People just can\"t expropriate the reality that just due to the fact that they don\"t choose something, the doesn\"t make it wrong, that doesn\"t typical it need to be illegal, the doesn\"t make it immoral.