For a existing list of license is granted artists and establishments, view the sources page.

Tattoo applications and also renewals are now online

To apply for or renew a permit go to:https://medtox.org/regulatory-programs/tattoo

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Frequently asked Questions

I would prefer to exercise tattooing, cosmetics tattooing or microblading, what perform I must do? need to be at the very least 18 year of period Must have actually a high school diploma or G.E.D. (online high school diplomas are not acceptable) Must complete Bloodborne microorganism and Standard first Aid maintain (CPR/AED is no acceptable) Must finish Tattoo Artist Application should submit dues of $75along through application*You mustalso practice in a facility that has a tattoo establisment allow or have actually your very own tattoo establishment permit.

Microneedling: uneven ink is being injected right into the skin, microneedling go not autumn under the Tattoo Program. Please call Professional Licensure, board of Cosmetology in ~ (515) 281-0254 or plpublic

What is compelled to open a permanent tattoo establishment? Must finish Permanent establishment Application should submit $100fee together with the application and also floor arrangement Must be situated in a commercially-zoned building Must pass inspection performed by the Designated Inspection agency Must accomplish all needs outlined in 641 medtox.org administrative Code, thing 22 (Refer to the medtox.org Code connect at the optimal of this page)I would choose to hold a tattoo convention or short-term event, what execute I need to do? Must complete a Temporary establishment Application send fee based upon the variety of participating artists submit a copy that the floor setup Is human body piercing regulated by state law? No. Human body piercing is no regulated by state law. However, some county or city health and wellness departments may have body piercing regulations. Be sure to examine with her county or city health and wellness department.Can a minor gain a tattoo if they have parental consent? No.Individuals under the age of 18 space prohibited from gaining a tattoo, regardless of parental consent.How perform I paper a complaint? just how long will it take for my applications to it is in processed? The department processes applications in the bespeak they are received usual processing time for brand-new artist permits room 1-2 weeks common processing time for establishment permits room 3-4 mainly We will not process incomplete applications Applications submitted during the renewal cycle (October-December) might be delayed

For more information about the Tattoo Program, contact: Chelsea Stevens at (515) 724-3017Tattoo Program | medtox.org department of publicly Health | 321 E. 12th Street | Des Moines, medtox.org 50319

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