Atmosphere and also Heat Transfer internet Quest Directions: click on the link above each set questions to discover the answers. Layers of the Atmosphere 1. Name the five layers of the atmosphere:Troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and also exosphere(some scientist take into consideration this layer to be component of space) 2. Click the words “atmosphere” and also each great of the setting to to fill in the blanks below:a. What room the two main gases discovered in the atmosphere? 1. Nitrogen 2. Oxygen b. The troposphere is the _lowest_region the the Earth"s atmosphere and also is wherein _weather_ occurs. C. The stratosphere contains the __ i beg your pardon absorbs __. Look in ~ the diagram: __ and also __ deserve to fly in the stratosphere. D. As you go greater in the mesosphere, the temperature becomes _cooler_. Scientists do not recognize much about the mesosphere, but they do know that _meteors_ burn increase in this layer. e. The thermosphere contains a class of charged particles referred to as the _ions_ which makes communication by __ feasible and is residence to the _aurora_ (Northern Lights). This is the class in i m sorry _spaceshuttles_ fly. F. In the exosphere the setting is really _thin_ together it begins to fade into space. 3. Look at the diagram and also click “layer surname – show It.” perform the height expectancy of each layer:a. Troposphere 0-12 kmb. Stratosphere 12-50 kmc. Mesosphere 50-85 kmd. Thermosphere 85-600 kilometres 4. Click “Temperatures – present it”. What wake up to the temperature in each layer (does it obtain hotter or colder?)? a. Troposphere cooler b. Stratosphere name is c. Mesosphere hotter d. Thermosphere hot Heat Transfer 5. Conduction is the transfer of heat between _hot and cold_ 6. Why walk the hand need an oven mitt in bespeak to pick up the pot from the stove? The hand will be burnt without the usage of an oven mitt. 7. List four an excellent conductors and also four bad conductors: great Poor 1. _Copper_ 1. _Wood_ 2. _Silver_ 2. _Styrofoam_3. _Iron_ 3. _Paper_ 4. _Steel_ 4. _Air_ 8. Convection is the up and also down motion of _gases_ and _liquids_ led to by warmth transfer. 9. What happens to the air together the oven heats it? the warms, expands and rises. 11. What happens to the air together it it s okay farther from the heat source? that cools under 12. List four examples of convection: Wind currents, warm air balloon, lowest floor of a structure being colder than the greatest floor, heat water at the surface ar of a body of water. 13. As soon as _electromagnetic waves_ travel through space it is called radiation. 14. What wake up to the temperature of the home as the sun’s radiant energy touches it? The temperature that the home rises. 15. Perform three instances of radiation: A campfire, irradiate bulb, and also a microwave oven.

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The altocumulus cloud bring away an practically circular or oval shape, sometimes producing rainfall.

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This cloud is colored v gray and white. That is in the medium cloud category, with a elevation of 2,000 meter to 7,000 meters.