Jessica Jones: 20 Weirdest Things around Kilgrave’s human body Kilgrave is one of Marvel"s most dangerous villains. Also the greatest fans will certainly be surprised by some of his weirder qualities.

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one of the most impressive thing around Netflix"s Jessica Jones is the casting. Not only does Krysten Ritter absolutely nail it together the titular character, but she"s donate up by Mike Colter, Rachael Taylor, and also Eka Darville. Climate you have actually heavy-hitters such as Carrie-Anne Moss from The Matrix adding in a level of remarkable pathos and the legendary David Tennant playing one of the ideal baddies out there.

That baddie would be Zebediah Kilgrave, otherwise well-known as "Killgrave, "The purple Man", and "Kevin Thompson" in Jessica Jones; a villain v such remarkably powerful gifts that he doesn"t must raise a fist come anyone in bespeak to acquire what he wants.

Some villains simply don"t have to use brute force to attain their goals. They use their intellect matched through their capacity to manipulate. In Kilgrave"s case, his manipulation skill is in reality a superhuman ability that"s pretty lot unmatched by any type of other character in the Marvel or DC universes.

Though the Kilgrave in the display differs slightly from the one in the comics, one thing continues to be the same; that is truly the can be fried tormentor come Jessica Jones. In fact, in numerous ways, he"s in reality an allegory because that the sort of physical and also psychological abuse many women suffer from the males in your lives.

Though he"s quickly become one the the MCU"s most iconic villains, even the most hardcore fans space bound to it is in surprised by few of the many unique and downright strange qualities that Kilgrave has.

Without additional ado, below are the 20 Weirdest Things around Kilgrave’s Body.


Killgrave"s initial comic publication origin story differs from the one checked out in Netflix"s Jessica Jones. In the comics, Kilgrave was initially a spy top top a mission come infiltrate the united state army. He to be soon discovered by a guard who shot in ~ him however missed and hit a container of chemicals.

The container shattered and covered Killgrave in a fluid that no only changed the shade of his hair and also skin but additionally gave him the unique manipulation power. To be much more specific, the chemical he was exposed to brought about him come secrete a pheromone that, as soon as smelt, permitted him to have complete control end the victim.

In Jessica Jones, however, Kilgrave (spelled with one "L") defined that he to be born with a rare life-threatening disease. He was then experimented upon, which ended up offering him his gift.

The Purple guy from Jessica Jones comics
There"s a reason why Kilgrave is frequently referred to as The purple Man. It"s since he"s almost always illustrated as having actually purple skin in the comics, as result of the origins of his powers.

In the accident the gifted Kilgrave his supernatural abilities, his skin and also hair to be turned purple because of the chemical that he was exposed to. This provided him a look the pretty much makes him unmissable, a high quality that the creators the Netflix"s Jessica Jones clearly didn"t want to walk for.

Part that what provides Kilgrave so dangerous in Jessica Jones is the fact that he have the right to infiltrate any type of place that chooses.

return The Purple male is primarily shown as Jessica Jones" arch-nemesis, as well as having multiple run-ins through Captain Marvel, he was very first seen in 1964 together Matt Murdoch"s enemy in Daredevil #4.

In his very first outing as a supervillain, Kilgrave (originally Killgrave) walks up to a bank teller and asks him because that the money native the vault. That takes a while for the teller to realize that he"s just been robbed due to The purple Man"s unique capability to manipulate people into doing specifically what the wants.

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Daredevil soon tracks that down and also captures him, although purple Man conveniently uses his strength to walk-out the the jail free. He then orders civilians to strike Daredevil yet is bested through the remote lawyer indigenous Hell"s Kitchen.