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Whether you’re walking on one adventure to another city in your nation or room braving unknown paths, there is one point you will almost always need: luggage. From duffel bags to rolled suitcases the come in different shapes, sizes, and also colors, there space so numerous we can pick from. If you take trip often, it’s necessary to discover luggage that will be your faithful travel buddy in the year to come.

When in search of luggage the meets your needs, you require to get something it is practical, sturdy, and also reliable. There room so numerous different kinds, yet a closer look in ~ the price of suitcases makes us questioning the question, “Why is luggage therefore expensive?”

This post will deal with the expense of suitcases and also what go behind make one. The will additionally touch top top the mean price of resilient suitcases wherein you recognize you will acquire your money’s worth, and what come look for once you purchase one. Finally, it will additionally discuss why airline service providers charge so lot for checked-in baggage.

Why carry out Suitcases price so Much?

The average expense of a suitcase is 50-150$ because that a budget to mid-tier luggage. Premium suitcases can loss somewhere over the 200$ price variety with the an ext luxurious brands marketing some suitcases at over 1000$. If this is your first time researching and also purchasing a suitcase, you might be shocked by just how expensive they deserve to be.

Suitcases price a great deal, especially the ones that have the right to last the wear and tear of your miscellaneous journeys due to the fact that they are made of products that expense more. The production cost of well-made suitcases goes beyond what you have the right to see. Everything from the body to the zipper is make of quality materials. The much more durable a suitcase is, chances are, the more expensive it costs.

Nevertheless, in exchange for the price you need to pay, friend will gain a more durable suitcase that deserve to last for a much longer time. Well-made suitcases that room on the an ext expensive side are additionally made to it is in sturdy enough to take a beating from being tossed roughly from one luggage handler to another.

Why room Aluminum Suitcases so Expensive?


Based on our research, the most durable suitcase brands we’ve found are Rimowa and Briggs & Riley.

If you’re looking for the most resilient hard-sided suitcase, girlfriend should think about Rimowa. They do aluminum suitcases and also they have the right to be expensive, however you deserve to be certain that they will certainly last you several years

If you’re searching for a durable fabric suitcase, climate Briggs & Riley can be the method to go. They command rigorous, thorough testing prior to their suitcases leave the facility and also they have a life time warranty against all sensible defects.

Here is what us think room the most sturdy luggage brands, ranked:

Briggs & RileyAway Luggage

Why space the Luggage Fees for airlines so Expensive?

If airline service providers didn’t fee passengers for the luggage castle bring, deserve to you imagine just exactly how many people would lug everything in their home when traveling?

Kidding aside, airlines have been lowering fees, introducing budget seats in order to carry out the greatest number of people air travel at the lowest possible cost. Wait travel, however, remains expensive, and also one way for airlines to pay because that that expense is by cutting costs in various other places and charging tiny fees for assorted things, luggage included. If you’ve to be traveling in recent years, you may have noticed that, while ticket prices proceed to fall, confirm bag fees continue to rise.

Mass transit is likewise another challenge. Having to examine in every bag takes time and also slows the boarding process, which means greater costs for airlines. If passengers were permitted an limitless number and weight that bags, it would certainly take a long time prior to the aircraft could take it off.

Airline companies have diminished the number of checked bags by charging because that them, which discourages passengers from bringing any at all. Together a result, this cuts the time it bring away to obtain bags on and off planes and results in fewer flight delays.

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When researching what type of luggage to get, it all relies on how commonly you travel and how long you desire your luggage come last. If you travel just every now and also then and also have a tiny budget, then there room a many of spending plan suitcases to choose from. However, if you room a regular traveler and also want a suitcase that will certainly last you a long time, then it’s ideal to obtain one made of much better quality with good durability even if it costs a little more.