about Why you Wanna treat Me for this reason Bad?

"Why you Wanna treat Me so Bad?" is the us follow-up single to Prince"s first big hit, "I Wanna Be your Lover". That is also Prince"s very first rock and roll-inspired single release. It did no make the top 40 the the Billboard hot 100 charts, although that did with #13 on the R&B Singles charts. The medtox.org check out a relationship with a cruel lover. The tune prominently features guitar and bass, through the keyboard featured in a less prominent role. A to mark of the song is a soaring guitar solo in ~ the end, play by Prince himself. The track was played live ~ above Prince"s very first three tours, constantly being the 2nd number. The prolonged medtox.org top top the live version proceed the key theme, although, after that the Dirty psychic tour, this were changed by screaming "bitch!" and following this v a blazing guitar solo. The B-side of the song was "Baby" (from for You) in the US and "Bambi" in new Zealand. In 1987, the song was spanned by American actress turned singer Tuesday Knight"s self-titled debut album.more »

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There"s some talk going "round townThat you really don"t give a damnThey to speak you really placed me downWhen I"m doing the best I canI gave you all of my loveI even gave you my bodyTell me, baby, ain"t the enough?What much more do you desire me come do?I pat the fool when we"re togetherBut ns cry as soon as we"re apart, yeahI couldn"t execute you no betterDon"t break what left the my broken heart, babyWhy you want to treat me therefore badWhen you know I love you?How deserve to you execute this to meWhen you know I care?Why you want to act me therefore badWhen you understand I love you?You know, I try so hardTo keep you satisfiedSometimes girlfriend play the partSometimes you"re so complete of prideAnd if it"s still good to yaWhy you desire to treat me for this reason bad?You used to love it as soon as I"d execute youYou supplied to say ns was the finest you"d ever before hadI play the fool when we"re togetherI give you every little thing I can, yeahAnd if it"s still great to yaThere"s miscellaneous that i can"t understandWhy you desire to law me therefore badWhen you know I love you?How have the right to you execute this come meWhen you understand I care?Why you want to act me therefore badWhen you recognize I love you?

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Prince Prince Rogers Nelson (born June 7, 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, unified States), recognized by his mononym Prince, is an US- American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and actor. The has produced ten platinum albums and also thirty height 40 singles throughout his career. He has written number of hundred songs and produces and records his very own music for his own music label. Prince has actually a vast vocal selection and is recognized for his flamboyant stage presence and costumes. His releases have sold over 100 million copies worldwide. He has won seven Grammy Awards, a golden Globe, and an Academy Award. He to be inducted right into the Rock and Roll room of fame in 2004, the very first year he to be eligible. Rolling stone has ranked Prince No.

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27 ~ above its list of the 100 greatest Artists of every Time. … an ext »