What happens when someone comes into the ER high or overdosing? will certainly the patient be prosecuted? Will people accompanying the patient obtain into trouble for allowing the instance to happen? Emergency room doctor Dr. Trojan Madsen answers this questions and also discuss even if it is or no the hospital will pursuit legal action for drug overdosing cases. He likewise talks about the difference in between calling 911 verse walking into the ER when handling drug overdosing.

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Mar 5, 2014


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Interviewer: Drugs and the E.R., what happens if someone comes in high or overdosing? We"re with Dr. Trojan Madsen, Emergency medicine at the university of medtox.org Hospital.

Dr. Madsen: It"s a difficult question. Component of the factor it"s a difficult question is since anyone who"s v that human being is afraid of obtaining prosecuted. They"re fear of gaining blamed because that what taken place to him, that they enabled it to happen. They"re afraid of getting prosecuted because that doing medicine themselves and also being in that very same situation. It yes, really is a hard situation.

Interviewer: Or they"re afraid that the person that"s actually overdosing could get in large trouble.

Dr. Madsen: Exactly. Yeah. It"s a issue of multiple fronts, therefore that"s why periodically we"ll have the sort of . . .we don"t acquire it so much here but elsewhere, you get the drive up and drop wherein you have world drive up in the car and also drop the human out top top the former of the E.R. It does happen.

Interviewer: then they squeal away.

Dr. Madsen: Yeah, you see that in movies sometimes or TV shows, but it really does happen. That"s the large concern civilization have. I think the best thing to keep in mental is that as soon as you"re in the E.R., we"re no going come pursue any type of kind of action. Ns am not a legitimate authority. Ns am not an officer. Your information is safe v me. There"s patient-provider confidentiality. I"m no going to report anything to the police from a medicine overdose or something like that. The various other thing the comes the end oftentimes is let"s speak it"s not an acute overdose whereby someone just overdosed, but they"re having actually some worries with something else and also I questioning them about their medicine history, "Have girlfriend done any type of drugs?" i do discover that people are an extremely open around that. I think a many of civilization have learned that I"m not going to go tell the police or report that sort of thing. The is really vital information for me to understand when I"m taking treatment of you. In regards to the overdoses themselves though, simply keep in mind when you"re in the E.R. That"s not info we"re reporting. We"re not transforming either the patient in come the police or the separation, personal, instance who carried them. We simply need to recognize that information and get them over there to take care of them.

Interviewer: i don"t know, probably this doesn"t take place in genuine E.R.s. On TV, periodically you view police police officers hanging the end in the E.7R. What if they check out you come in and also they"re like, "That looks like an overdose"? deserve to they execute anything within those walls?

Dr. Madsen: They"re no going to, no. Us do have security security in our E.R. That"s for our security to make certain things space okay there. If a patient were to come in ~ a residential violence situation and that patient wanted to report it, then they can report it come the police. Yet the police aren"t going to charge in the room in that situation or in a situation of a drug overdose or anything like that. It"s not like they"re sort of simply looking around, trying to find someone come prosecute. Again, the patient details is protected. They"re no privy to that information. That"s not something they can even accessibility without permission. So unless that"s miscellaneous you want to speak to the police around they"re not going to be even mindful of that nor have the right to they take any action based on what you"re informing me about in the E.R.

Interviewer: What"s you"re best advice, your takeaway message?

Dr. Madsen: my takeaway post is get help for the person. Think of them first. It is in sure and get the assistance they need. Contact 9-1-1 if they require 9-1-1. Obtain them to the E.R. Everything you must do make sire you acquire them the help they need.

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