What happens as soon as someone comes into the ER high or overdosing? Will the patient be prosecuted? Will world accompanying the patient obtain into trouble for allowing the situation to happen? Emergency room medical professional Dr. Troy Madsen answers these questions and also comment on whether or not the hospital will search legal actions for drug overdosing cases. He also talks about the difference in between calling 911 verse walking right into the ER once managing drug overdosing.

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Mar 5, 2014


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Interviewer: Drugs and also the E.R., what happens if somebody comes in high or overdosing? We"re through Dr. Troy Madsen, Emergency Medicine at the College of medtox.org Hospital.

Dr. Madsen: It"s a difficult question. Part of the factor it"s a challenging question is because anyone who"s with that perboy is afrassist of getting prosecuted. They"re afrassist of obtaining blamed for what taken place to him, that they enabled it to take place. They"re afrassist of getting prosecuted for doing drugs themselves and also being in that exact same case. It really is a challenging instance.

Interviewer: Or they"re afrassist that the person that"s actually overdosing might acquire in significant trouble.

Dr. Madsen: Exactly. Yeah. It"s a worry of multiple fronts, so that"s why periodically we"ll have actually the sort of . . .we do not obtain it so much below but somewhere else, you acquire the drive up and also drop wbelow you have human being drive up in the auto and drop the perchild out on the front of the E.R. It does occur.

Interviewer: Then they squeal ameans.

Dr. Madsen: Yeah, you watch that in movies occasionally or TV mirrors, however it really does happen. That"s the huge problem human being have actually. I think the greatest point to store in mind is that once you"re in the E.R., we"re not going to pursue any type of sort of activity. I am not a legal authority. I am not an officer. Your information is safe through me. There"s patient-provider confidentiality. I"m not going to report anything to the police from a drug overdose or something like that. The other thing that comes out oftentimes is let"s say it"s not an acute overdose wright here someone just overdosed, but they"re having some concerns through somepoint else and also I ask them around their drug history, "Have you done any kind of drugs?" I execute uncover that people are very open up about that. I think many civilization have learned that I"m not going to go tell the police or report that sort of point. That is really essential indevelopment for me to know when I"m taking treatment of you. In terms of the overdoses themselves though, simply keep in mind as soon as you"re in the E.R. that"s not indevelopment we"re reporting. We"re not turning either the patient in to the police or the individual who lugged them. We just should recognize that information and get them tright here to take care of them.

Interviewer: I don"t understand, perhaps this doesn"t take place in real E.R.s. On TV, occasionally you view police police officers hanging out in the E.7R. What if they watch you come in and they"re choose, "That looks like an overdose"? Can they carry out anypoint within those walls?

Dr. Madsen: They"re not going to, no. We carry out have actually defense guards in our E.R. That"s for our safety to make certain points are okay tright here. If a patient were to come in after a residential violence instance and also that patient wanted to report it, then they can report it to the police. But the police aren"t going to charge in the room in that situation or in a instance of a drug overdose or anything choose that. It"s not choose they"re type of simply looking about, searching for someone to prosecute. Again, that patient information is defended. They"re not privy to that information. That"s not somepoint they have the right to even access without permission. So unmuch less that"s somepoint you desire to talk to the police around they"re not going to be even aware of it nor can they take any kind of activity based upon what you"re informing me about in the E.R.

Interviewer: What"s you"re best advice, your takeaway message?

Dr. Madsen: My takeaway message is acquire help for the perkid. Think of them initially. Be certain and acquire the assistance they require. Call 9-1-1 if they need 9-1-1. Get them to the E.R. Whatever before you have to do make sire you obtain them the help they require.

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