Tsunami to be tired. She was tired of her mommy yelling at she for love Riptide. She was worn down of having actually students leave her institution one day and then come earlier with an additional prophecy. She was exhausted of trying to convince Clay to protect against hanging approximately Peril. She was exhausted of do the efforts to keep her cool. Simply when she to be on the brink that yelling at the totality school she gained a letter native her amazing boyfriend. 

Dear Tsunami,

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Did you recognize that among your college student Winter, is that right? Anyway, he recorded like forty scavengers because that sanctuary! The Talons that Peace have the right to barely find one! Well, have actually you been practicing your Aquatic? You have a check in 3 days which ns made. So, you better be prepared. You understand it's to be weeks because we with each other physically. I really miss out on you. Come visit me sometime or I'll come visit you. Anyway, i hope you are having actually a an excellent day...see you around. 

The octopus Brian, 


Tsunami to be happy yo watch that Riptide wanted her to come over there. She wasn't having actually a an excellent day till she obtained this letter. As soon as she obtained she rushed to she cave. The was now her rotate to write. 

Dear octopus brain, 

 I go not understand that Winter captured forty scavengers, no that i really care. Yet I deserve to imagine you trying to capture a scavenger and also it's Hilarious! I've to be practicing Aquatic through Anemone and also Pike so i think I'll ace the test. I miss you as well Squid brain. However have you forgot the component that I'm a principal now? ns can't leave. No, literary i can't leave. Starflight stated I had to set an instance to the students therefore they won't leave. It hasn't worked. I'm having actually a disastrous day, Clay and also his class are going come hunt and Peril is in his class. Clear is teaching all the quiet and also calm dragons. Starflight is act something romantic through Fatespeaker because no one is in the library. And Glory is in the rainforest with her boyfriend/bodyguard doing stuff choose say stuff to each other like 'my queen' and also 'I don't need a bodyguard! so Deathbringer offer me part space!'. I'm right here lonely and bored. However then I gained your letter and also I feeling happy. 

The finest girlfriend in the world, 


She packed her things and left Jade mountain. She was going to the article but together I gained there I experienced Riptide there holding a letter. We looked at each other awkward for a few seconds then after that us burst right into a hug. 

"I missed friend Tsunami," Riptide whispered. 

"I missed you as well Squid brain," Tsunami smiled. She breathed in his scent and smiled together she breathed in his familiar scent. 

"I was acquiring worried you didn't acquire my letter," Riptide motioned the letter in his talons.

"I just obtained it today," she motioned the letter in she talons. Riptide smiled. 

"Now the we space together wanna fly?" Riptide asked. She nodded she head and also they took off into the sky. As they flew they saw a ar on top of the mountain. Tsunami sat next to Riptide and he placed his soup on her. She leaned on his shoulder. 

"So, what to be it like?" Riptide asked. 

"What to be what like?" Tsunami wondered. 

"To have actually a school yet feel lonely?" Riptide faced her. 

"H-how did you recognize that ns was lonely?" Tsunami stammered. 

"I deserve to see it on her face," Riptide answer simply. 

"It's yes, really annoying and hard. I wish you where at Jade mountain. You could of favored it, ns don't know," Tsunami called him. Riptide pulled she closer come him and also kissed her. She kissed him earlier and smiled. 

"I love you Tsunami," Riptide breathed. 

"I love friend too, squid brain," Tsunami smiled.

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And also they watched the sunset togther and also they knew that they would get rid of this obstacle called distance.