June 25, 2020 — ‘I’ll do my voice heard, I’ll go out right into the world and work because that mankind!’ created Anne open minded in her diary top top 11 April 1944. Her diary - i m sorry was released for the first time 73 years ago today - is still popular today, as displayed by the ann Frank video diary, i beg your pardon was released recently and also has had actually over 5 million see worldwide.

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Helper Miep Gies locked Anne’s diary documents away in her workdesk drawer quickly after the arrest of the eight world in hiding in the mystery Annex. She later offered them to otto Frank, Anne’s father, who was the only among the eight to endure the extermination camps. The slowly started to review the diaries, overwhelmed by ache memories, and also got to know one more side of his youngest daughter. ‘I had actually no idea the the depths of her thoughts and feelings’, he said. After ~ some suspicion Otto made decision to fulfil Anne’s wish and also have her diaries released in book form.

Publication of diary

‘The secret Annex: Diary letters from 14 June 1942 come 1 respectable 1944" was released by contact publishers ~ above 25 June 1947 in an edition of 3,036 copies. Otto simply listed in his diary ‘Book’. Later he said of that day: ‘If she had been here, anne would have actually been therefore proud.’ ~ the first publication in the Netherlands in 1947 the diary was published in Germany and France in 1950. One English translation complied with in 1952. The publication has at this time been interpreted into over seventy languages.


Videodiary launchedToday, in search of a new method to present young world to anne Frank’s life story and also her diary, top top 30 march 2020 the ann Frank House and also Every Media released the ann Frank video diary: an virtual video series on YouTube in i m sorry 13-year-old Luna Cruz Perez plays anne Frank and also translates her diary letter into video clip diaries. The series is in Dutch v subtitles in German, English, Portuguese and also Spanish and also – due to the fact that recently – also in French, Hebrew, Japanese and Russian.

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‘It’s wonderful the the diary of ann Frank quiet engages so plenty of young people. That’s likewise shown through the ann Frank video clip diary, which has been perceived by an ext than 5 million people global since that is launch at the finish of March. Luna Cruz Perez provides a direct connection with the young ann on camera. Ns hope the even more young world will be touch by the video diary, and also that they’ll learn around Anne Frank’s life story and also reflect on antisemitism and also discrimination today. I likewise hope it will certainly stimulate lock to check out Anne’s diary itself: her beautifully composed diary letters.’