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"Love ~ above the Brain" is a song videotaped by singer Rihanna for she eighth studio album, Anti (2016). It was composed by Joseph Angel and also produced by Fred Ball, with added writing by Rihanna, and also Kuk Harrell serving together the vocal producer. The track was listed to the united state rhythmic contemporary and urban modern-day radio stations on September 27, 2016, as the album"s fourth and final single. "Love top top the Brain" is a doo-wop, soul and R&B ballad influenced by 1950s and also 1960s music. that instrumentation consists of a etc arpeggio, swirling organ, a straightforward chord progression, syncopated strings, and also orchestra. Lyrically, the song has actually themes the swinging back and forth between the highs and also lows of toxic love. Commercially, the song got to the top of the polishing chart, and the top-twenty in France and brand-new Zealand, and also top-forty in Austria, Canada, and Germany. In the unified States, the song got to number 5 on the Billboard warm 100, ending up being her 22nd top-five single breaking her tie v Elvis Presley as the artist v the 5th most top-five singles, and it was also her 30th top-ten single tying her v Madonna and also The Beatles together the only acts in history to appear at the very least thirty times in the top-ten of the hot 100. Rihanna carry out the track throughout her Anti civilization Tour, and at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards and as a component of a medley at the 2016 MTV video clip Music Awards.more »

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And you gained me like, ohWhat you desire from me? (What you desire from me?)And ns tried to buy your pretty heart, however the price also highBaby you obtained me like, oh, mmYou love when I fall apart (fall apart)So you have the right to put me togetherAnd litter me against the wallBaby you acquired me choose ah, woo, ahDon"t you protect against loving me (loving me)Don"t quit loving me (loving me)Just begin loving me (loving me)Oh, and also baby I"m fist fighting v fireJust to obtain close to youCan we burn something, babe?And I run for miles just to obtain a tasteMust it is in love ~ above the brainThat"s gained me feeling this means (feeling this way)It beats me black and blue however it fucks me therefore goodAnd i can"t acquire enoughMust be love on the brain yeahAnd it keeps cursing my name (cursing mine name)No issue what ns do, I"m no great without youAnd i can"t gain enoughMust it is in love ~ above the brainBaby, save loving meJust love me, yeahJust love meAll you should do is love me, yeahGot me favor ah-ah-ah-owI"m exhausted of gift played prefer a violinWhat carry out I gotta execute to obtain in her motherfuckin" heart?Baby prefer ah, woo, ahDon"t you stop loving me (loving me)Don"t quit love me (loving me)Just start loving me (loving me)Oh, and also babe I"m fist fighting v fireJust to gain close come youCan we burn something, babe?And I operation for miles just to gain a tasteMust be love on the brainThat"s obtained me feeling this way (feeling this way)It win me black and also blue however it fucks me for this reason goodAnd ns can"t get enoughMust be love ~ above the brainAnd the keeps cursing my name (cursing my name)No matter what ns doI"m no an excellent without youAnd i can"t get enoughMust it is in love ~ above the brain

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Rihanna Robyn Rihanna Fenty ( /riˈɑːnə/ ree-AH-nə or /riˈænə/ ree-AN-ə; born February 20, 1988), recognized mononymously as Rihanna, is a Barbadian recording artist and actress. Born in Saint Michael, Barbados, she career started when she met document producer Evan Rogers in so late 2003.

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At period 16, she involved the United says to pursue a record career and also began record demo tapes under Rogers" guidance, subsequently signing a contract with Def Jam Recordings after auditioning because that Jay-Z. An ext »