Post Game

Now you"re in the post-game and the True ending is done. Grymoire will certainly turn ago to its pre-Cogna intrusion state. There"s a pair of things you deserve to do now, for this reason we"ll start with the extra stuff. 

You"ll get an item called the treasure Tracker. It will be in your miscellaneous tab. This is a recycle item that deserve to be provided to find any missing treasure chests. If you go to a dungeon and also use it, you"ll acquire one of three responses:

A article that there space no treasure chests. This means the area is clear of unopened chests. A faint sound. This method a chest is in the dungeon you"re in, however not in the area friend are currently in, so continue through the area, repeating utilizing the tracker. A according to sound. This method that over there is one unopened chest in the area friend are currently standing in.

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If you should go hunting for endowment chests, equip a Stealth Mirajewel (to limit opponent encounters) and have a Mirage that has actually the Flee ability (such as the black Chocochick).

The Most essential Thing You might Do appropriate Now

You"re going come go and also open a solitary Treasure Chest that will make the level grind quicker. This is the EXP rise Mirajewel. To acquire this Mirajewel, you"re going to walk to The Girl"s Tearoom and also you"ll see three Portals. These room Ex Dungeons. Enter the Portal that is top top the right. From whereby you start, walk left and also head towards the screen. You"ll pertained to a treasure chest that has actually the EXP an increase Mirajewel is in. When you have actually it, equip it. Climate go earlier to the Portal and also go earlier to The Girl"s Tea Room. 

You"ll it is in coming ago to these Dungeons when you"re a bit an ext ready. The video below offers a bit of information. 

Noctis"s Champion Jewel

To obtain this one, you need to go to harbor Besaid and then go to where the child was that want you to display him a bunch the Mirages on the beach. In ~ the end, you"ll discover Noctis fishing and you"ll have the ability to join him. Because that fishing, you"ll need to hit the equivalent buttons as they show up on the screen. They"ll appear over Lann, Noctis, and Reynn. Some fish require you come hit a button more than once. To gain Noctis"s Champion, you"ll have to score 20,000 point out in the fishing game. It take it me around 5 tries to acquire there - it"s no too negative once friend know how it works. You will be penalised if friend hit the wrong switch so be mindful of that. 

If friend get more than 10,000 points in the game, you"ll have the possibility to fish increase Leviathan. To perform this, you"ll must hit all four buttons together - in ~ this point, over there is no penalty because that which switch to press. Fishing the up will certainly unlock:

Fishing up a DreamFished increase Leviathan.


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This should be the last Champion Jewel you"ll have actually left come purchase, so execute so for:

Save the WorldAcquired all Champion Jewels.


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Intervention Quests

There need to be three outstanding intervention Quests for you come do:

Bloom in the MoonlightSOLDIER HonorAngel in the Flower Field

If you finish these - and every one of the other intervention Quests (excluding A Bridge"s Woes) - you"ll unlock:

Transcender that TimeCompleted every last treatment battle.



This is a bit of a buggy achievement, therefore if it doesn"t unlock go back and pat through few of the much easier Intervention pursuits until that does unlock.

Quick Level Grinding

Right, therefore you"re walk to want to acquire the Mirages you use in your stacks come a minimum of level 70. This finish game content does require you to be a bit more powerful. So go to the area the the Icicle Ridge pointed out before and do some leveling. I extremely recommend not to leave until:

Your ridge Mirages have mastered boards and are a minimum that level 70Your Behemonster and Bahamut★ has actually mastered Mirage boardsYou have a black color Chocochick around level 60, and also it knows FleeMake sure you have the EXP boost Mirajewel fitted at all times

When you"re ready, it"s time to do the short article Game stuff. 

Castle Exnine mystery Ordeal

This is going come involve you going come the last secret Area in the game. It would certainly be a an excellent idea to have a solid Ice stack (I provided Bablizz + Lann + Shiva★ and Ponini + Reynn + holy Dragon). If you have actually a Blizarra Mirajewel, Haste Mirajewel, and a faith Mirajewel, equip them. It"s worth additionally having the Behemoster in her stack. 

Start by walking to The end of Grymoire, and also then usage the device thing come go within Castle Exnine. Usage the right-most Purple decision to take you to Ordeal 10. Walk over the pipe, and also then up the walls to gain to Ordeal 11. In this area, through walking around you"ll concerned a Purple decision that will carry you to the secret Ordeal. Here you"ll find the ceo Elasmos. The prismtunity is to deal a the majority of damage, but you don"t have to imprism it. By beating it, you"ll acquire the Memento. I began out by summoning Behemonster and whacked it a few times through Revenge Blast.

ElasmosIceDeal a lot of damages at once

Now you"ll have the Elasmos Memento, and you should have actually explored every location in the game, as defined in here, which method you will certainly be found every mystery area, unlocking

Thirst because that the UndiscoveredFound the mystery area in every dungeon.


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Okay, so now for the 4 EX Dungeons in the game. The method I walk these to be to acquire through the dungeons and also to the bosses as quickly as possible, and having as few encounters together possible. This is since you want to finish the 3 obtainable EX Dungeons to unlock the 4th one. The 4th one has the best EXP grind spot in the whole game, and also getting come that place as quickly as possible will allow you to finish off the game reasonably quickly. 

So the EX Dungeons are found in The Girl"s Tearoom. I"ll be labeling castle from ideal to left as A, B, C. After completing this three, one more EX Dungeon will appear, and also I"ll name this one Z.

You want every one of the Mirages, Lann, and Reynn to be a minimum that level 70 because that these Dungeons. Before you start, there"s some set up you desire to do. For every one of the Dungeons, you desire the adhering to Mirajewels equipped:

Stealth MirajewelEXP rise MirajewelTreasure Hunter MirajewelHaste Mirajewel

You also want a black Chocochick through the Flee ability. You"re going to sub this right into one of her stacks until you obtain to the boss fights. This will help enable you come skip random encounters. Because that each dungeon, I"ll define which stacks i went in with, too the items I had actually bought in instance I essential to usage them.

EX Dungeon ANameWeaknessesImprism
AdamantoiseIce, PoisonInflict Defense Down
BrrblizzFire, Thunder, LightUse ice Attacks
ShivverFire, Thunder, Water, LightUnimprismable
Shivver StackFire, Thunder, Water, LightN/A
ShivverinaFire, Thunder, LightUnimprismable

I walk in through the following Stacks:

Fritt + Reynn + Ifrit ★ (all at the very least level 70)Zapt + Lann + Ramuh★ (due to usage, the Mirages to be at the very least 75)A level 70(ish) Behemonster. 

I visited Chocolatte and bought 20 Bomb Cores, and also stocked up on Hi-Ethers and also X-Potions.

This dungeon needs a Mirage that has Sizzle because that me, Fritt met the requirement.

Upon entering, rod the black color Chocochick in a stack.

You must have already visited this EX Dungeon to choose up the EXP boost Mirajewel, for this reason this will be Chest #1/10. You"ll also realise the you"re in the Sunken Temple. Head to the right and up to obtain to Chest #2/10, and slightly under from over there is Chest #3/10, and additional down come the right is Chest #4/10. Climate head into the following area. 

You"ll be heading ago through the Windswept Mire. Head down, and also cross the bridge, and then head down to the left to gain to Chest #5/10. You"ll be ambushed while trying to open up it. Ns personally couldn"t flee indigenous this fight, so make brief work the the enemies. Follow the route down, and over an ice cream bridge. Walk left come find Chest #6/10 and one more ambush to overcome. Then proceed down, crossing ice bridges till you gain to the next area. 

You"ll be heading left with Saronia Docks. This area is where the Sizzle ability will come in handy. Head left, previous the hut, and also over to the cannon. Usage it to gain to a device that requires a weight of 10 and also a Water Resistance of 100. When you"ve set off this switch, use the cannon to walk back. Head right until you see a set of stairs down to an Adamantoise. This Adamantoise is a difficult fight, together it has virtually 100,000 HP. Ns didn"t even bother attempting to tackle it in a great manner, I through out the Behemonster and used Revenge Blast till it to be dealt with. And as mine Behemonster has Last Stand, I was able to inflict a an excellent amount of damages on Adamantoise. Then i just followed up through 2 ice Spellstones and also Solid Frigicite till it go down. Once it"s defeated, go and open Chest #7/10 and Chest #8/10. Then head back up, and go all the way to the left to obtain to a second cannon. Use it to get to the next and also final area of this dungeon. 

Next, go to Icicle Ridge. Head down the course to the Save allude and save your game. Take the route down come the right to open Chest #9/10. This will turn out to be a Mimic. Once you"ve defeat that one, go up and down the left course to get to Chest #10/10. now it"s time to challenge the boss. We"re no going to stroked nerves attempting come imprism any type of of this bosses, as getting the Memento will enable you come transfig right into them. And also trying to imprism Brrblizz is one annoyance. It"s likewise a good idea, if friend can, to equip part Ice stand up to Mirajewels. Also change the black Chocochick through the Mirage you intended to usage in the boss fight. So when you"ve healed up in ~ the Save allude again, head down the center path to fulfill Shivver and also her stack.

From the get-go, summon Behemonster. His XL Mirage honestly renders life so simple for you. Save spamming Revenge Blasts as your HP gets lower. This will deal a lot of of damages to the ridge (which has around 90,000HP). There is a chance you"ll be able to defeat the stack v Behemonster. If you do great, if friend don"t, don"t worry. If Behemonster dies and the stack is quiet standing, replenish your AP v Hi-Ethers, and then spam a combination of magic/items that exploit the stack"s weaknesses. Ns personally used Haste and also spammed Fira and also Thundara attacks. In mix with Behemonster, this fight to be over in no time. 

Defeating the stack will certainly reward you through the Brrblizz Memento, Shivverina Memento, and Shiver Memento, in addition to Girl"s Diary 11. Go v the Portal to go back to Nine timber Hills. 

To obtain Brrblizz, transfig Bablizz. Shivverina deserve to be transfiged native Mishiva, and also Shiver from Shiva (note, not Shiva★). This will enable you to totally master the Mirage board (getting a gold Star!)

EX Dungeon BNameWeaknessesImprism
JoultFire, Ice, Wind, Earth, LightUse Thunder attacks
RairamuhFire, Ice, Wind, Earth, LightUnimprismable
Rairamuh StackFire, Ice, Wind, Earth, LightN/A
VoultrFire, Ice, Wind, Earth, LightUnimprismable

This Dungeon is the middle Portal the end of the three in The Girl"s Tearoom. This dungeon requirements a Mirage the knows Zap. prior to going in, I"d recommend restocking on X-Potions and Hi-Ethers together needed. I likewise modified mine stacks, using:

Ponini + Reynn + divine DragonFritt + Lann + Ifrit★A Behemonster. 

While the ceo stack in this dungeon is weak to planet magic, I discovered that due to the fact that the stack floats, using items like planet Hammers always missed. I additionally equipped part Thunder withstand Mirajewels. Ensure the you still have actually the Stealth, Haste, and EXP rise Mirajewels equipped.

You"ll begin this area in the underground Prison. Over there is Chest #1/11 directly listed below the enntrance gate Portal and also to the right Chest #2/11. With whatever else excellent here, head come the following area. This area each other the internal of the underground Prison. Start off through going across the platform, and also then down to get Chest #3/11. Then revolve around, go back the method you came and also go up two flights the stairs to get to Chest #4/11 and also #5/11. Then go up the next collection of stairs to the following area. 

You"ll now be in the Train Graveyard. Begin off by heading left and also down come the set of train carriages. Proceed down, going appropriate until girlfriend come to Crane 02. Zap it and also then head to where the carriage relocated to. Here you"ll find Chest #6/11 and also #7/11. then Zap the crane to produce a shortcut ago to the platform. Head left, then under the ramp, and up the carriage come the following crane. This one can not be zapped. Climate head as much as the platform, whereby you"ll see Chest #8/11 and #9/11. One of this is a Mimic Jackpot. Loss the Mimic Jackpot and also then head come the next and also final area of this dungeon. 

You"ll currently be in the crystal Tower. Simply keep heading down till you pertained to a save Point. Stop below and replace the black Chocochick v the Mirage you intend to usage in the boss fight. Heal up and head come the boss. You"ll be up against a Rairmuh stack. Ns did the same method as the shiver fight and also started out by summoning Behemonster. The ceo stack has about 90,000HP, and also Behemonster regulated to take it out about 3/4 that the stack"s health. I found that the combination of Fire and Light attacks was my finest bet, for this reason I offered Haste on both of mine stacks and also then used Fira and Banishra over and over (using Hi-Ethers and X-Potions when required to replenish). The fight to be over in no time. 

For beating this boss, you"ll get the Joult, Voultr, and also Rairmuh Mementos, in addition to Girl"s Diary 12. You"ll then be able to master the Mirage board for another Gold Star.

The transfigs because that the Mirage board are; Zapt to Joult, Zaphr to Voultr, and also Ramuh to Rairmuh. (Note, Ramuh no Ramuh★).

Then head come the portal, going ago to The Girl"s Tearoom.

EX Dungeon CNameWeaknessesImprism
Gleefrit StackIce, LightN/A
WeegleeIce, LightUse fire attacks
GleedIce, LightUnimprismable
GleefritIce, LightUnimprismable

You"re end halfway with the EX Dungeons now! 

This Dungeon is the left Portal the end of the 3 in The Girl"s Tearoom. This dungeon needs a Mirage the knows Flutter, and also one the knows Chill. Before walk in, I"d recommend restocking top top X-Potions and also Hi-Ethers as needed. I likewise modified my stacks, using:

Ponini + Reynn + divine DragonBablizz + Lann + Shiva★A Behemonster. 

I also stocked increase on some Solid Frigicite in instance I needed it and equipped Fire resist Mirajewels. 

Starting in this dungeon, you"ll it is in in Pyreglow Forest. There will be two courses from the entrance, and also you"ll desire to take the left path. This should take you to an area with an additional two exits, so next take the appropriate one. In ~ the following area, take the path heading down, and also at the two-way split, continue down the route that heads downwards. This should lead you to the next area. You"ll now be in the Dragon Scars. Follow the route until you pertained to a Flutter Point. Use it to get to Chest #1/14. Then head ago and continue along the course to the following area. 

You"ll currently be in lock Exnine. Start by heading directly up to acquire to Chest #2/14. Then revolve right and also go follow me the pip to obtain to Chest #3/14. Head up two walls to gain to Chest #4/14, and then climb the wall on the left to get to Chest #5/14. Cross the pipeline leading under to gain to Chest #6/14, and then walk down to the next platform come see Chest #7/14. Cross the pipe to your left for Chest #8/14. Then go up, along the pipe, and around to the best to gain to Chest #9/14. Head down the wall surfaces to find Chest #10/14. Head under two more platforms for Chest #11/14, then head ideal over come the following platform for Chest #12/14. You have to now be able to head directly to the next and also final area. 

You"ll it is in in sink Seven, and start through walking roughly then up. You"ll need to chill the lava here, and also then head end to the platform for Chest #13/14. Head back to the first platform, and also then head left. Walk to the height of the platform, and also that the bridge left to a platform with a course leading down. In ~ the bottom is Chest #14/14. Return to the previous platform, and also go up again to discover the Save point and the boss. Stop right here and replace the black color Chocochick v the Mirage you intend to use in the boss fight. Heal up and head come the boss. 

As v the last two boss fights, ns summoned my Behemonster to deal as much damages as possible. The stack has roughly 90,000HP, and Behemonster did about 3/4 precious of damage. Ns then followed up with Blizzara and Banishra to finish the job. 

For beating this stack, you"ll obtain the Weeglee, Gleed, and Gleefrit Mementos and Girl"s Diary 13.

The transfigs because that the Mirage plank are; Fritt to Weeglee, Affrite to Gleed, and Ifrit to Gleefrit (note no Ifrit★).

Head ago to The Girl"s Tearoom, and also there will be a new Portal. This will certainly take you to the final EX Dungeon. 

EX Dungeon ZNameWeaknessesImprism

Upon start this dungeon, you"ll start in the Chainroad. Just work your means down as there"s nothing else here. In the following area, you"ll it is in in the huge Bridge. Work-related your method down one of the sides, and use the run pad. Save working your method down v the area, and also at the bottom, you can use one of two people the left or right path to relocate to the 3rd area. 

Now you"ll be in the Phantom Sands, just keep heading under as yet again, there"s nothing to perform here. And also now you"ll be in The Watchplains. Simply follow the key path, and when you acquire to the Watchtower, simply keep heading down. There"s nothing here to do. The following is the Nether Nebula. Occupational your way through to the next area, The Wellspring Woods. 

In this area, is the last chest. As you occupational your means down, you"ll pass it. Open up it to acquire Girl"s Diary 14. Hopefully, girlfriend will have actually opened all of the chests by this point, and you"ll unlock

Treasure LiberatorOpened every last treasure chest.


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Continue under to the Save point and purple Crystal. Before emotional the violet Crystal, stay here. This is the best XP grinding spot in the game. Beating the enemies were simple enough. Mine setup to be (at level 80):

Fritt + Reynn + Ifrit★, equipped through the Death and Banishra Mirajewels.Zapt + Lann + Ramuh★, equipped v the Lure and EXP an increase Mirajewels.

Remove the Stealth Mirajewel. You want to stay below until the Mirages you wish to usage in for the final game fights room Level 99. I additionally leveled up my Behemonster come level 90. In fact, i stayed below until I had actually maxed the end as many Mirage Boards together possible. Overall, it took me around 3 hrs worth that grinding. Ns recommend gaining the Mirage board mastered for any Mirages you have actually that have a ★, as well as any Mirages you"ve already put some job-related into. Save your fighting stacks, and rotate her reserve Mirages together you level them up and also master Mirage Boards. You"ll placed a the majority of work into completing the complying with achievement

Legendary CaretakerMastered 100 Mirage Boards.


2 guides

For the enemies you"ll be up against, I simply used Hellfire or Judgement Bolt many of the time. The Behemoth ridge is weak to Death, it will work about 95% that the time, so use that against them. The Kraken is weak to Light and Thunder magic. The remainder of the opponents are no too challenging to take it down. Don"t rubbish items ~ above the enemies, and just cure up at the Save allude after every fight.

Now, it"s time to take on the last boss that the EX Dungeons. And we"re going to use the same technique we have actually for the ahead bosses. So when you"re ready, collection your stacks come what you desire them come be, i personally go for:

Ponini + Reynn + divine DragonZapt + Lann + Ramuh★Behemonster

And tap the violet Crystal. You"ll enter a brand-new area v the boss at the end. For this reason head up and interact with XG to start the fight. Ns didn"t even bother do the efforts to strike him normally, ns summoned Behemonster, protected until at fifty percent health and also used Revenge Blast over and also over. This was enough to beat XG, and also he"ll be a new Mirage for you to use (though i didn"t bother). You"ll likewise unlock:

While the Lesser Coeurl and also Coeurl Mirages space only uncovered here, if you imprismed the Moomba Mirage indigenous the Phantom Sands Murkrift, you"ll be able to transfig the Moomba to a Lesser Coeurl and Coeurl. So you don"t need to worry about attempting to imprism these 2 Mirages. 

There are two Mirages friend will want to effort to imprism while in here:

Either - Gamit, Diagoro or Yojimbo (you can go for all three, however I uncovered it less complicated to just gain one and also level that up)Sylphine

It"ll be provided where girlfriend can gain these Mirages.

Equip the Stealth Mirajewel. Unequip it as soon as instructed and once you"ve got the Mirages, reequip it. Also, have actually the black color Chcochick in a stack when the Stealth Mirajewel is equipped. 

The stacks i went in with are: 

Ponini + Reynn + divine DragonZapt + Lann + Ramuh★BehemonsterBahamut★

All to be level 99 through mastered Mirage Boards. 

To accessibility this area, you have to go come The crystal Tower and also then usage the Red Crystal. Then get in the Gate wherein the Ultima Gate offered to be. You"ll start in The Watchplains - Backroad 1. Right here are four Warp Crystals that will take you with the four locations you require to finish to acquire to the last one. The layout of the Crystals are as follows:

Earth Route Wind Route
 Exit Gate 
Fire Route Water Route

You will proceed through 2 areas, and also if you touch the correct crystal in every room, you"ll then end up in The Watchplains - Backroad 3. If you connect with the wrong crystal, you"ll finish up in the Phantom Sands, and also will need to go back to the begin of the dungeon. 

Each floor will finish up with a arbitrarily effect. These effects are:

Increase damage, in regards to both dealt and also received.Healing quantity increased, to both you and the enemy.Item lockout, so you can"t use Items inside or exterior battle. Imprisming success rate, which boosts the success the imprisming Mirages. Elemental affinity increases, so weakness are raised to both you and the enemy. 

Earth Route

Room 1 - Nether Nebula

Touch the Warp decision that is in prior of one inaccessible entrance, it"s the second Crystal you"ll see. 

Room 2 - The Train Graveyard

This is a straight path to the Warp Crystal.


Yojimbo StackNoneN/A
YojimboWater, Light, Poison, Oblivion, Berserk  Use physics Attacks 
GamitWater, Light, Poison, Oblivion, Berserk Use physics Attacks  
DiagoroWater, Light, Poison, Oblivion, Berserk  Use physics Attacks  

This is a straight path come the Warp Crystal. As you do your means to the Crystal, target to encounter the Yojimbo ridge here. What friend then want to perform is to simply hit it with strikes until girlfriend topple it. I recommend concentrating on one Mirage, therefore take the end the other two. If you need to, usage a couple of Hi-Potions/X-Potions to cure the Mirages so you don"t accidentally kill them. Luckily the prismtunity because that all three is incredibly easy, so simply keep going till you imprism one of them. You can attempt come imprism all three, but I personally just imprismed one, chucked the in the party reserve and also leveled the up. 

When you have actually done this, chuck the Stealth Mirajewel earlier on, switch out the black Chcocochick if you used it, and then head come the Warp decision to accomplish the boss. 

Boss Room - Lich

LichWind, Light, OblivionUnimprismable

Now, you"re going to make this the easiest fight in the game. Begin off by using an X-Potion on the Lich and also then monitor it up with one or 2 attacks. It will go down in no time. For defeating Lich, you"ll gain the Lich Prismarium and also Mirage. Over there will currently be a Crystal earlier to the entrance. 

Fire Route

There"s no unique Mirages top top this route for you to get, so simply use the Stealth Mirajewel and Black Chocochick to acquire to the last room quickly. 

Room 1 - valley Seven

Start by heading east, and then going phibìc to a platform to the ago of the room. This will certainly take you come the correct Crystal. 

Room 2 - Pyreglow Forest

This is a straight path come the Warp Crystal. 


This is a straight path to the Warp Crystal. 

Boss - Marilith


I"d introduce equipping the Watera Mirajewel(s) if you have actually them. I began out (with what ended up being my main tactic because that this endgame stuff) by summoning the Behemonster. Marilith has approximately 100,000HP, and also by this point, mine Behemonster took under Marilith on its own. For defeating Marilith, you"ll acquire the Marilith Prismarium and also Mirage. There will currently be a Crystal earlier to the entrance. 

If girlfriend want, you can go ago to Nine lumber Hills to stock up. Otherwise, top top the next route. 

Water Route

Room 1 - Sunken Temple

There space two Warp Crystals in ~ the finish of the room, and the correct one is the one on the left.

Room 2 - Saronia Docks

This is a straight path to the Warp Crystal. 


This is a straight path to the Warp Crystal. 

Boss - Kraken

KrakenThunder, LightUnimprismable

The Kraken is most likely the simplest boss in the game. In the end, I just used mine stacks together they are Light and Thunder stacks, and also took under the Kraken without too lot trouble. There will currently be a Crystal back to the entrance. 

If girlfriend want, you deserve to go ago to Nine wood Hills to stock up. Otherwise, top top the next route. 

Wind Route

Room 1 - The Dragon Scars

SylphineNoneUse planet Attacks

Start in this area by running approximately until you conference the Sylphine Mirage. This is the only place where you"ll find her. She"s weak to earth attacks, and also I provided two planet Hammers ~ above her. Luckily the room result was increased imprisming success, for this reason she to be easy enough to imprism. When you"ve imprismed her, lining the Stealth Mirajewel back on, and also then head along the path. In ~ the fork in the road, take it the right path, head down the ledges, and all the way to the finish to gain to the correct Warp Crystal. 

Room 2 - The decision Tower

This is a straight path to the Warp Crystal. 


This is a straight path come the Warp Crystal. 

Boss - Tiamat

TiamatIce, WaterUnimprismable

For Tiamat, you can just summon Behemonster to execute all the occupational for you. (Literally, anything to do these fights easier!). Once defeated, over there will now be a Crystal earlier to the entrance. 

Final Route

The Warp crystal for this route will appear behind the various other ones. 

Room 1 - Icicle Ridge

This is a straight path come the Warp Crystal. 

Room 2 - underground Prison

This is a direct path come the Warp Crystal. 


This is a straight path come the Warp Crystal. 

Boss - Garland, Tiamat, Kraken, Lich, and Marilith

GarlandChanges throughout the fight. Initially, no weaknessesUnimprismable
Tiamat Ice, Water Unimprismable
KrakenThunder, Light, Slow Unimprismable
Lich Wind, Light, Oblivion Unimprismable
MarilithWater, Sleep Unimprismable

Garland does points in a very details manner in this fight. In the beginning, Garland will be v the 4 bosses native the last fight (Tiamat, Kraken, Lich, Marilith). In ~ this point, Garland doesn"t have any type of weaknesses. Once one the the various other bosses is defeated, Garland"s weaknesses will certainly be modified, including a weakness based on the Mirage defeated. The weaknesses room stacked, so when Garland has one, the doesn"t lose it.

Garland weaknesses Modifications:

When Lich is defeated: Weak to EarthWhen Marilith is defeated: Weak come FireWhen Kraken is defeated: Weak come WaterWhen Tiamat is defeated: Weak to Wind

 When one of the other Mirages is defeated, Garland will use an elemental spell from that Mirage. When two Mirages space defeated, Garland will use a particular spell referred to as Soul of Chaos (this does physics Dark damage).

The best way to handle this fight is to do the following:

Start by acquisition out Lich by making use of an X-Potion and also one or two hits. Summon Behemonster, and focus on beating Marilith.Then loss Kraken (you should have the ability to use Behemonster for this together well)If Behemonster is provided up, usage a single Mega-Ether (or 2 Turbo Ethers) and then summon Bahamut★.Defeat Tiamat.You want to climate use assaults with Bahamut★ until it has actually 2AP left, then safeguard until its health and wellness is low. When the is, use Megaflare to loss Garland.

This was honestly, the easiest method to finish the dungeon. These two XL Mirages do fights prefer this so straightforward to win. For defeating Garland, you"ll gain the Garland Prismarium and also Mirage. You"ll unlock the following achievement:

The 6 Seals are Puzzle Switches that all have different requirements.

This seal is in front of the huge Volcano (near valley Seven). Head to the route to the switch. The requirement is a load of 15 and also a Fire Resistance the 150. (Sighris recommended black Nakk, Sistertaur, and also Ghildra, together does the video.)This seal is over Cornelia (leads to Pyreglow Forest). The need is a weight of 14 and an earth Resistance of 200. (Sighris encourage Flammantoise, Metaliskull, and Titan. The video clip recommends Mandragora, Sistertaur and Titan.)This seal is through the Rocky mountains near Besaid, to the left of the Ice region (leads come The Dragon Scars). The need is a weight of 14 and also a Thunder Resistance that 175. (Sighris recommended Zapt, Babyhemoth and Ramewl. The video recommends happy Toad, Babyhemoth and Ramewl.)This seal is in the ago left the the ice Region. The necessity is a weight of 14, and an ice Resistance the 150. (Sighris recommended Bablizz, Paleberry, and also Shiva-Ixion, the video clip recommends Mini Flan, Paleberry, and War Machine.)This seal is on the lower right island, simply behind whereby the red pen is (leads come The Sunken Temple). The necessity is a weight of 14 and a Water Resistance that 150. (Sighris encourage Reaver Mu, Flan, and also Sea Worm, the video clip recommended Zapt, Flan, and Sea Worm.)This seal is in the lowest region, you should recognise this as the Phantom Sands area. Head come the pen over the water (it leads to The Windswept Mire). The necessity is a weight of 14, and also a Wind Resistance of 175. (Sighris recommended black color Chocochick, Dualizard, and also Shiva-Ixion, the video recommended lucky Toad, dual Lizard, and also War Machine.)

The video below mirrors the seals and Puzzle Switches:

With these 6 seals broken, go ago through the purple Portal in the decision Tower. Upon acquiring there, head up to the Throne to begin the fight against the Immortal Dark Dragon. 

Immortal Dark DragonNoneUnimprismable

The fight will start with a solitary enemy versus you. I recommended just to assault him. He"ll use Bravery every for this reason often, so just Dispel that. The will also counter most of her attacks. ~ a if he will certainly summon a replica the himself. Once he go this, to fill up her AP and then summon Behemonster. As discussed for all ceo fights in the endgame, just defend until her Behemonster is in ~ about half health, and also then start unleashing Revenge Blasts ~ above both adversaries until the fight is over. You should be a high enough level the your Behemonster will defeat them both, however if the doesn"t, when your stacks room back, refill your AP and also then just keep working away at the enemies, healing once you require to. If you have Bahamut★ in your party, unleash him together well, and also when he gets to low health and also 2AP, use Megaflare.

When you loss the Immortal Dark Dragon, you"ll unlock


Defeating Enna Kros

Now for among the many annoying fights in the game. Ensure the you"ve review the an obstacle from a God rumour from Serafie. Then get in the coffee shop in Nine wood Hills (the enntrance gate is in the north Promenade). Here, you"ll be up against Enna Kros, Tama, and also Serafie. Tama is annoying, she will usage a skill referred to as Time Warp 8 times. This will revive whoever friend defeat. So, because that example, if you loss Tama 8 times, she"ll revive herself 8 times. After ~ that, she"ll have actually run out. Below is my collection up because that this fight:

Ponini + Reynn + Nightmare. Offered me accessibility to Gravity and also Dark Magic. Equipped a Blizzara seed on Nightmare, and equipped the Haste and Flare Mirajewels.Zapt + Lann + Ramuh★. Equipped a Blizzara Mirajewel, and also a Flare particle on Ramuh★. Also had the Dispel Mirajewel. I additionally had the Abyss capacity on this stack.A Behemonster and a Bahamut★

All Mirages were mastered Mirage Boards and also level 99. 

Personally went through Zapt + Ramuh, Ponini + Nightmare. Used Gravity, Bahamut and Behemonster to eat through Timewalks. Took the end Serafie because that the Timewalks, had weakened Enna and also Tama. As soon as Timewalks are used up, took out Enna then Tama.

Enna KrosNoneUnimprismable
TamaNone  Unimprismable
Serafie Ice, Dark Unimprismable

This will certainly be my take it on just how I did the fight. It took me a when to perform it together I was planning together I go along. I had actually a large stack of Hi-Ethers and X-Potions, and 20 x solid Frigicites.

I started out by Hasting Reynn"s stack and also then utilizing Gravity (from Nightmare) to weaken all 3 Mirages to under half health. Lann"s stack offered a combination of Blizarra and Abyss to acquire Serafie come low health and wellness (after casting Haste ~ above himself). Ns then started to emphasis on acquisition out Serafie, as she to be healing the others and also it to be annoying. For this reason every strike went to Serafie, and also I regulated to waste 3 Timewalks indigenous Tama before I gained annoyed with healing. For this reason I supplied a solitary Megalixir to reclaim everything and then summoned Behemonster. 

From the get-go, I focused on Serafie again. Enna Kros did attempt to exploit the Behemonster"s weaknesses (as she likes to do this), however by the moment Behemonster has used it"s Last was standing ability, i had controlled to use up 7 the end of 8 the Tama"s timewalks. With Behemonster offered up, I offered a couple of Turbo Ethers and also then summoned Bahamut★. He regulated to take out Serafie for good with a few attacks, and also when he to be low health and also at 2AP, i unleashed Megaflare. 

I still had actually to deal with Tama and also Enna Kros, yet they were very weakened. I concentrated on Enna Kros as she was more powerful, making use of Flare over and over to save going. V her gone, Tama took no time come finish. 

This fight is much more intimidating than it actually is. As lengthy as her high sufficient in terms of levels and also prepared because that a lengthy fight, you"ll be able to beat this without much trouble. For defeating Enna Kros, Tama and also Serafie, you"ll unlock:

Defeating amplified Brandelis

This is the final boss fight in the game and also is only easily accessible once you"ve done every one of the above. Come kickstart this, walk to Nine wood Hills, and also you"ll obtain a notification of a brand-new Rumor saying the there"s a portal in Plaza 99. This will take you come the 2 Brandelis fights indigenous the True Ending. Just this time, he"s stronger. Certain you have actually a good supply that Hi-Ethers and also X-Potions, as you"re going to require them.

Enhanced BrandelisNoneUnimprismable

He functions pretty much the same way as he did the critical time you combated him. Ns went in through the same stacks together I fought Enna Kros with. For the an initial phase, I provided a pair of Gravitys to weaken him, and also just keep working away at him until he"s in his second form. Also, usage Dispel to remove his buffs once required. 

Upon him acquiring to his second form, use Gravity a few times, and use elemental items that don"t match the last aspect attack the used. After ~ 2 or 3 hits, use a Megalixir and also summon Behemonster. Through now, Brandelis should have started a countdown from 10. So attack yourself till your Behemonster is at fifty percent health. Climate unleash the Revenge Blasts. Since Brandelis isn"t attack you, you"ll be able to get a good few hits in. When his countdown reaches 0, he"ll beginning Megaflare Cannon. I discovered that Behemonster survived with critical Stand, and I regulated to acquire one much more (incredibly powerful) Revenge Blast in that ended the fight.

You"ll pretty lot be okay at level 99 uneven he start a countdown native 5. If he does that, every attack will it is in a Megaflare Cannon and also you won"t survive. For beating the enhanced Brandelis, you"ll unlock:

If friend haven"t, walk to The Twin"s Bedroom in Nine timber Hills, and go come the Mirage hands-on (accessed from the gamings console ~ above the windowsill). There are 247 Mirage you need to imprism. I uncovered that I necessary to in reality transfig come Mirages, not just unlock them in order for this to work.

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The Coliseum

By now, you"ll probably only have actually the Normal and Timed strikes in the Coliseum come do. All of the information about each hit is ~ above the Coliseum page, yet here is part information about how i did the moment attacks:

I provided the following stacks exclusively: Ponini + Reynn + divine DragonZapt + Lann + Ramuh★All to be at level 99, and all of the Mirages i used had a mastered Mirage Board. I had actually Behemonster in situation I needed him for few of the longer fights in ~ the end. I exploited any Death weaknesses where possible, and equipped the fatality Mirajewel on Reynn, and my Ramuh★ had a fatality Seed in its empty slot.I didn"t use any type of Spellstone items till the more tough fights (which were predominately the level 70+ and Consecutive fights.I relied ~ above X-Potions and also Hi-Ethers, only using mine Elixirs and also Megalixirs if I required a complete party heal. I likewise equipped the Haste, Flare and Reflect Mirajewels. The remaining slots to be filled with Resist+ Mirajewels (which were switched, relying on who i was fighting), and Agility/HP/Magic+++ Seeds.I always had element Mirage stones that would certainly be offered to exploit weaknesses. So speak I"m up versus a Sand Worm, Lann would obtain a Watera Mirajewel, and also do an tremendous amount the damage. Reynn would then assistance Lann v Hi-Ethers, Haste and also the correct aspect item to finish the hit quickly.

Using this techniques, I only failed on one Time strike the very first time around. Even the consecutive fights, i beg your pardon have exceptionally long limits, i was maybe to complete all 3 in one hour. 

As mentioned before, all the info you need about the Coliseum fights is on the page.