Which carry out you think is a far better indicator of just how much you helped your team? I find getting HC a lot simpler than Confederate together I only have actually 7 or 8 the them. Because that me i would choose confederate as more ships space involved!



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IMO, the genuine indicator that your skill as a teammate is circled approximately "Avg XP" combined with Avg Damage and also contribution to Capture/Defense. There space others that play a part, however not just one. Persons really focus on victory Rate and also it is important, however it is more of a "can I help influence" toward a Win. For Randoms, it"s 23 other civilization that have actually a vote for win Rate...that contains both opponents and team mates.

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Honestly, that oftentimes counts on what ships girlfriend damaged.

Just yesterday, I obtained a Confederate and also 2035 base xp in Pensacola, in spite of only law 67k damage, since most of that was to enemy cruisers and destroyers. On the other hand, I likewise did 130k damages in Iowa a few days earlier but acquired less xp and no award due to the fact that most the my damage was focused on a pair of battleships.

Burning 6 battleships for 20% of your health and also a Confederate (which they can heal right earlier up) means a lot much less than whacking 20% that the health of 5 destroyers and also a tier 8 cruiser. In the very same vein, dev-striking all four adversary cruisers for a high caliber means a lot much more than attacking 3 battleships and a carrier and also only sinking one battleship and damaging the others for the very same high caliber (since you left alive three ships qualified of causing immense damages to her team, two of which have actually the least affect on a fight anyways and also one of i m sorry is fully operational even at 1 hp, as opposed to fully annihilating the lynchpin of the enemy team)

Basically, high caliber usually requires a lot an ext damage come be done in randoms in exchange because that being command at fewer target, when confederate requires less damages but additionally mandates you spread out out the damage.

Ranked, however, substantially eases the an obstacle of high caliber, but substantially increases the challenge of Confederate.

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IMO, the best judge in the finish is base xp, which takes into account everything from spotting, tanking, damages done and also to what pearl they to be dealt to.